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Thinkmate systems optimized for HPC computing

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Find the right NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU for your workload.


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GPX Series

Thinkmate GPX series include a selection of only the best, most reliable server hardware for GPU computing.

Supermicro SuperBlade GPU

Blade servers optimized for GPU Computing, with acoustically enhanced thermal and cooling technologies.

Supermicro GPU FatTwin

Recommended for the most demanding GPU applications, GPU FatTwin offers the industry’s highest density and efficiency in a 4U form factor.

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NVIDIA Tesla Workstations

GPX Series
Designed for Scientific , Engineering or any application with high levels of parallel processing, GPX provides cluster-level performance right at your desk.

Getting Started

There are three basic approaches to adding GPU acceleration to your applications:

GPU Accelerated Libraries

Adding GPU acceleration to your application can be as easy as calling a library function.

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GPU Directives

Automatically parallelize loops in your Fortran or C code using OpenACC directives

Learn more abour directives

Programming Languages

Write your own parallel applications using a programming language you already know.

CUDA-Friendly Languages

To view all , Visit the NVIDIA CUDA Zone .

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