Turnkey software solutions for your business

Whether you are upgrading the current infrastructure within your business or installing a new application for the first time , you will have to consider a number of factors on picking the right system. From ensuring you are meeting the developer’s requirements to choosing reliable brands and components for a long-life platform, these decisions will determine the overall quality, performance, and outcome of your implementation.

Design a custom turnkey solution with us

Thinkmate works with you to build the most optimized solution for your application needs, taking the guesswork out of choosing the best hardware for your application while providing exceptional support and warranty. Product specifications are individually tested for performance and reliability, delivering you an effective solution for your software and hardware needs.

One size does not fit all. Our solutions architects will help you pick the most appropriate hardware for your needs.

We offer complete customization options for a fully integrated solution.

Minimize Time-To-Value and enjoy simplified deployment, installation and management.

Application-Ready Solutions

Cluster Solutions

Turn-key clusters from Thinkmate offer faster time-to-results.

 Cluster Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions from Thinkmate offer, performance, reliability, and efficiency

 Storage Solutions

Datacenter Solutions

Ensure that your server and storage equipment supplier can meet your needs.

 Datacenter Solutions

Edge Solutions

Improve your operations, gain deeper insights, and deliver more responsive capabilities.

 Edge Solutions

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Unsure what to get? Have technical questions? Contact us and we'll help you design a custom system which will meet your needs.

Discounts Available
For Students and Institutions

Thinkmate offers discounts to academic institutions and students on purchases of Thinkmate Systems. Contact us for details.

GSA Scheduling Available
For Government Purchases

We offer rapid GSA scheduling for custom configurations. If you have a specific hardware requirement, we can have your configuration posted on the GSA Schedule within 2-4 weeks.


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