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Configure one of our Thinkmate Custom Storage Servers for a truly flexible and fully customizable unified data storage solution.

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    Award-Winning warranty with advanced parts replacement.

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Low-Cost Network Attached Storage

Rackmount Server

Affordable, High-Capacity, Energy-Efficient Network Attached Storage Solutions

The STX NS series are capacity-optimized Storage Solutions that offer low-cost bulk storage designed for vast amounts of unstructured data. Providing a balance between high-capacity and performance, the STX NS is ideal for moderate workloads, 24x7 cloud data centers, scale-out storage, replicated data environments, content delivery networks (CDNs) and more.


Storage for Nearline

Solutions for Nearline Storage

Nearline Storage Server

Reliable, Robust, Nearline Bulk Storage for an always-connected World

High capacity storage for a multi-drive server system requires predictable and reliable performance. STX NL servers are built to support enterprise-class nearline workloads. These Storage Servers offer HDD capacities of up 8TB and are available in your choice of SATA or SAS interfaces. STX NL provides excellent IOPS/TB along with the reliability, availability, and serviceability that you expect from us.


JBOD Storage

Enclosures & Servers for RAID or JBOD Expansion

JBOD Server

Storage Expansion as your business needs grow.

JBOD Storage Expansion units provide a dependable, high-capacity, storage expansion option. Our JBODs are perfect for consolidating archives and backups from a central storage server or increasing storage capacity on an existing system. Using JBODs for storage expansion is often the most economical method to expand your current storage capacity.

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Discounts Available
For Students and Institutions

Thinkmate offers discounts to academic institutions and students on purchases of Thinkmate Systems. Contact us for details.

GSA Scheduling Available
For Government Purchases

We offer rapid GSA scheduling for custom configurations. If you have a specific hardware requirement, we can have your configuration posted on the GSA Schedule within 2-4 weeks.


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