Get to Results Faster with the Thinkmate AI Cluster

Looking for a fast, powerful system designed from the ground up to optimize large AI datasets? Consider the Thinkmate AI Cluster™.

This custom-engineered, Linux-based cluster includes best-of-breed technology (including the NVIDIA® HGX™ A100 and AMD EPYC™), configured for fast deployment and powerful results. Best of all? The Thinkmate AI Cluster can give you GPU-accelerated computing that scales to any size.

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Ideal Use Cases

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Intelligence
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Robotics

Relevant Industries

Healthcare/Life Sciences
Design & Manufacturing (inc. Automotive)
Financial Services
Supply Chain

Pre-Configured for Your AI Workloads

Quick setup

Thinkmate AI Clusters are pre-configured for AI, reducing time to result even on the largest workloads.


Save in the long run with the low total cost of ownership compared to traditional supercomputers.

Grows with you

Each cluster is designed to give you seamless, linear scaling as your computing needs grow.

Superior performance

Optional 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™, the world’s highest-performing x86 server CPUi.

No platform lock-in

Lower initial cost and no platform lock-in compared to the NVIDIA® DGX A100.

Blazing fast memory

Includes NVIDIA A100 GPUs, providing the world’s fastest memory bandwidth (over 2 TB/s) to run the largest models and datasetsii and GPU partitioning.

Learn More About the Thinkmate AI Cluster

Thinkmate engineers were able to achieve so much in a single AI platform by using a building block approach, where computing, storage, and networking components were optimized for specific AI needs.

However, because of the way they are integrated, end users can still request changes for today and scale as needed tomorrow.

GPU-Accelerated Compute Node Components


2x AMD EPYC 7742 64-core CPUs (128 cores total)


2TB DDR4 system memory


4U server with 8x NVIDIA HGX™ A100 GPUs and 640GB GPU memory


2x 1.92TB M.2 NVMe storage

30TB U.2 NVMe storage


NVIDIA Mellanox® Spectrum® SN2000 GbE HDR switches


4x 3000W power supplies (3+1)

Storage Components

Includes 8 Weka.IO storage nodes + 1 additional Weka.IO node per additional GPU node. Additional optional storage nodes available as needed.

Weka All-Flash Tier
  • 4x High-density, all NVMe Flash storage arrays: 1U dual-node storage server with 36x E1.S (EDSFF) NVMe SSDs
  • Base configuration starts at 200TB NVMe SSD capacity
  • Base configuration scales to 360TB by adding drives, or >360TB by adding storage nodes
  • 2x Mellanox 25GbE adapter ConnectX-6 Dx (2x SFP28)
  • 2x Mellanox 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand adapter ConnectX-6 VPI (1x QSFP56)
  • 1300W 1+1 Redundant power supplies - 80 PLUS Platinum
S3 Object Storage Capacity Tier
  • Node count and drive density based on capacity requirements

Supported Software & AI Frameworks

Includes the Thinkmate AI Stack, Thinkmate’s Scientific Computing Stack, and support for popular frameworks

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Quality Assurance for Zero Defects

We build each of our systems to “zero defect” standards in our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities. Then we hand-inspect every order, testing them to ensure they are 100% operational and optimized to support rapid deployment. What kind of testing? We use a suite of automated tools that simulate real world operations (including convenience and update utilities) and stress tests to validate system functionality. And, because we’re ISO 9001 certified and we’ve been in your shoes, we document the heck out of it so you can easily replicate hardware settings, firmware updates, and software versioning. Standardized installs of new systems mean efficient system deployment. We like that. We think you will too.

Standard 3- Year Warranty

We offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty standard, with every system purchased. But you can add extended or custom warranties if your situation calls for it. We know you are literally curing cancer, finding water on Mars, designing airplanes that will carry thousands of people, and ensuring we have live, on-screen data about opposing players during a critical game. We don’t want you to stop working any more than you do.

In-House Support Staff

We offer customer support at different levels, each based on a detailed service level agreement (SLA) that fits your needs. And, with each one, you get the added benefit of knowing that the people who take your call are in-house Thinkmate staff whose sole focus is customer support.

i MLN-016: Results as of 01/28/2021 using SPECrate®2017_int_base. The AMD EPYC 7763 measured estimated score of 798 is higher than the current highest 2P server with an AMD EPYC 7H12 and a score of 717, OEM published score(s) for EPYC may vary. SPEC®, SPECrate® and SPEC CPU® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. See for more information. ii