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RAID Storage

See why adding a RAID storage to your storage configuration is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain both data protection and access.

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RAID File Server

A RAID file server provides businesses of any size with storage solutions that deliver superior performance and enhanced resiliency at lower cost.

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RAID 10 Server

A RAID 10 server combines the striping of a RAID 0 server with the mirroring of a RAID 1 server for a storage solution that is faster and more resilient.

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RAID 6 Server

A Thinkmate RAID 6 server is a data storage solution that delivers extremely high fault tolerance and drive-failure tolerance at an affordable price.

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RAID 5 Server

Thinkmate delivers RAID 5 server technology that offers the most robust RAID data protection available, including excellent performance and redundancy

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RAID 1 Server

A Thinkmate RAID 1 server provides a simple, cost-effective solution for significantly improving fault tolerance in data centers.

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RAID 0 Server

Thinkmate offers number of storage solutions that can be used to create RAID 0 server or other RAID configurations such as nearline storage and more.

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Quiet PC

When you need a silent desktop PC for noise-sensitive workspaces, Thinkmate VSX Workstations offer a broad range of quiet PC solutions.

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Quadro vDWS

When sourcing Quadro vDWS and other NVIDIA products, you'll find a broad range of options with highly competitive prices custom built by Thinkmate.

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