Seagate JBOD Storage Expansion

About Seagate JBODs

Modern enterprise businesses are generating data at an unprecedented rate, and that data is driving valuable insights, improving customer experiences, and streamlining business processes.

As data generation has increased, so has the need for high-capacity data storage devices to hold and access that data. JBOD Storage Expansion units from Seagate provide a dependable, high-capacity, secure storage expansion option for enterprise infrastructure.

Since they do not require a motherboard or CPU, these cost-effective storage systems can sometimes fit over 100 SAS/SATA drives to maximize density.

JBODs are perfect for consolidating archives and backups from a central storage server or increasing storage capacity on an existing rackmount system.

Seagate JBOD

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Exos E 5U84


JBOD Expansion
84 3.5" SATA/SAS Hot-Swap
Redundant Power

Exos E 4U106


106 3.5" SATA/SAS Hot-Swap
Redundant Power

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