112 Nodes in a 6U Form Factor Offering Extreme Density and Ultra Low Power consumption.

MicroBlade is a power and space saving 6U microserver featuring 112 ultra low power 8-Core Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 (formerly codenamed Avoton) based servers in 28 hot-swap micro blades. This modular blade-based architecture maximizes rack space with full-featured power-conserving servers in easily serviceable front access hot-swap Blade trays. Compute and storage are integrated in the individual blades and shared networking, power and cooling are located at the rear of the system. The MicroBlade enclosure incorporates redundant Platinum-Level high-efficiency (95%) Digital Switching power supplies, optimized airflow with redundant energy-efficient cooling fans, an integrated chassis management module (CMM), Intel® high-bandwidth network switches and reduced cabling, lowering overall total cost of ownership. MicroBlade maximizes rack space utilization and conserves energy in web hosting, cloud services and the most extreme scale-out HPC and data visualization environments.

Microblade Highlights



All MicrobladeBlade® servers have a minimum of a 3-year warranty and Thinkmate's total commitment to customer service for over 25 years.

MicroBlade 628L Series

4 Nodes per Blade
28 Blades per 6U enclosure
4 Intel Atom CPUs per Blade
112 Intel Atom CPUs per 6U Enclosure
784 Intel Atom CPUs per 42U rack
32 Intel Atom cores per Blade
896 Intel Atom cores per 6U Enclosure
6272 Intel Atom cores per 42U rack
128GB memory per Blade
3.58TB memory per 6U Enclosure
2.5PB memory per 42U rack

OfficeBlade®, a member of the SuperBlade® server family, is optimized for small-medium business as well as personal HPC applications. With acoustically enhanced thermal and cooling technologies, OfficeBlade® can operate at or below 50dB with 10 DP server blades.

OfficeBlade Features

  • Super low noise - 50dB with 10 DP blades
  • Energy efficiency - 93% efficiency power supply, DDR2 memory
  • Density & performance - 10 DP blades with 20 Quad-Core Xeon processors per 7U enclosure
  • Flexibility - two or four 100-240VAC power supplies, optional small racks with door and air filter, optional Gigabit Ethernet switch or pass-through module, etc.
  • High availability - N+1 redundant power supplies, redundant modules - chassis management, Gigabit ethernet switch or pass-through module
  • High-performance storage - 2x SAS/SATA drives per server blade with RAID 0, 1

OfficeBlade Benefits

  • Quiet operation for low noise office environments
  • Low power consumption - Green Computing
  • Low TCO - lower than rackmount server systems
  • Industry-leading performance/watt
  • Industry-leading price/performance

* Peak performance and power efficiency figures based on internal testing results.

MicroBlade Enterprise

1 Node per Blade
28 Blades per 6U Enclosure
2 Intel Xeon CPUs per Blade
56 Intel Xeon CPUs per 6U Enclosure
392 Intel Xeon CPUs per 42U rack
28 Intel Xeon cores per Blade
784 Intel Xeon Cores per 6U Enclosure
5488 Intel Xeon cores per 42U rack
128GB memory per Blade
3.5TB memory per 6U Enclosure
24.5TB memory per 42U rack

DatacenterBlade® (SBI-7428R-C3/T3 series) is perfect for data center and HPC applications with performance & density optimized to achieve 2352 processing cores per 42U standard rack. This powerful SuperBlade® features 100-240VAC, ultra high-efficiency (94%+), N+1 redundant power supplies, along with industry-leading density, performance/watt and price/performance.

DatacenterBlade Features

  • High density - 14 DP blades in 7U enclosure; up to 2016 processing cores in standard 42U rack
  • Energy efficiency - 94%+ efficiency power supplies
  • High availability - N+1 redundant power supplies
  • Ease of Use - easy to set up with remote management tools
  • Flexibility - two or four 100-240VAC power supplies

DatacenterBlade Benefits

  • Industry-leading performance/watt - best for data center applications
  • Ultra-high power efficiency - energy savings
  • High performance, high availability, high density
  • Industry-leading performance/watt
  • Industry-leading price/performance

* Peak performance and power efficiency figures based on internal testing results.


These advantages set our servers apart from the rest of the industry:

  • First-to-Market
  • Most Optimized Designs
  • Best Selection of Server Products
  • Best Price / Performance Ratio
  • High Availability
  • High Performance
  • High Density


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