NVIDIA® Tesla™ P4 GPU Computing Accelerator - 8GB GDDR5 - Passive Cooler

NVIDIA part #: 900-2G414-0000-000


In the new era of AI and intelligent machines, deep learning is shaping our world like no other computing model in history. Interactive speech, visual search, and video recommendations are a few of many AI-based services that we use every day.

Accuracy and responsiveness are key to user adoption for these services. As deep learning models increase in accuracy and complexity, CPUs are no longer capable of delivering a responsive user experience.

The NVIDIA Tesla P4 is powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture and purpose-built to boost efficiency for scale-out servers running deep learning workloads, enabling smart responsive AI-based services. It slashes inference latency by 15X in any hyperscale infrastructure and provides an incredible 60X better energy efficiency than CPUs. This unlocks a new wave of AI services previous impossible due to latency limitations.

Price: $1,999.00

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Main Specifications
Product SeriesTesla P4
Core Clock Speed810MHz (1063MHz Boost Clock)
Host InterfacePCI Express 3.0 x16
GPU ArchitecturePascal
Detailed Specifications
Streaming Processor Cores2560 CUDA Cores
Memory Clock Speed6Gbps GDDR5
Memory Interface256-bit
Max Memory Size8 GB GDDR5
Max Memory Bandwidth192 GB/s
Peak Single Precision floating point performance (GFLOP)5.5 TeraFLOPS
Integer Operations (INT8)22 TOPS (Tera- Operations per Second)
NVIDIA CUDA™ TechnologyYes
Enhanced Programmability with Page Migration EngineYes
ECC ProtectionYes
Server-Optimized for Data Center DeploymentYes
Hardware-Accelerated Video Engine1x Decode Engine, 2x Encode Engine
Dual SlotNo
DimensionsLow-Profile PCI Express Form Factor
Max Graphics Card Power (W)75W