NVIDIA® A40 GPU Computing Accelerator - 48GB GDDR6 - PCIe 4.0 x16 - Passive Cooling

NVIDIA part #: 900-2G133-0000-000

Modern data centers are evolving rapidly. Advanced technologies such as real-time ray tracing, AI, compute, simulation, and VR are common across industries. The need to work remotely has accelerated faster than anyone could have anticipated, with workloads that span the entire enterprise.

NVIDIA® A40 delivers the data center-based solution designers, engineers, artists, and scientists need to meet today’s challenges. Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the A40 combines the latest generation RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA® Cores with 48GB of graphics memory for unprecedented graphics, rendering, compute, and AI performance. From powerful virtual workstations accessible from anywhere, to dedicated render and compute nodes, the A40 is built to tackle the most demanding visual computing workloads from the data center.

Price: $5,199.00

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Main Specifications
Product SeriesNvidia A40
Host InterfacePCI Express 4.0 x16
GPU ArchitectureAmpere
Detailed Specifications
Streaming Processor Cores10752 CUDA Cores
NVIDIA Tensor Cores336 Tensor Cores
NVIDIA RT Cores84 RT Cores
Memory Interface384-bit
Memory Speeds (GT/s)14.5Gbps GDDR6
Max Memory Size48 GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)
Max Memory Bandwidth696 GB/s
NVIDIA NVLink™ Interconnect BandwidthNVIDIA NVLink 112.5 GB/s (bidirectional) PCIe Gen4 16 GB/s
DisplayPort Connectors3x DisplayPort 1.4
A40 is configured for virtualization by default with physical display connectors disabled. The display outputs can be enabled via management software tools.
Dual Slot2-slot Low-profile
Dimensions4.4" (H) x 10.5" (L)
LithographySamsung 8nm
Supplementary Power Connectors1x 8-pin CPU (EPS12V)
Max Graphics Card Power (W)300W