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Meet the New Intel® Xeon® 6 Processor: Elevate Your Performance and Efficiency

The excitement surrounding the first of Intel’s new Xeon 6 processors, codenamed Sierra Forest, is well-deserved. These Xeon 6700 Series processors, featuring Efficient-cores (E-cores), bring unprecedented design density and efficiency to the enterprise market. If you\'re planning an upgrade, here\'s why the Xeon 6 processors could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Performance and Efficiency

Higher Performance per Watt

The Xeon 6700 Series processors with E-cores deliver up to 3.6 times higher integer throughput performance with the Intel 6780E compared to the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon 8280 processors1. This enhancement means more tasks can be handled using the same power, significantly boosting efficiency. Moreover, the Xeon 6 offers up to 2.3 times higher integer throughput performance per watt (socket power) with Intel 6780E, optimizing power usage for demanding applications2.

Enhanced Core Density

Boasting up to 144 cores per socket, the Xeon 6 is tailored for highly task-parallel workloads, making it ideal for applications that require high throughput. This core density translates to faster processing and the capacity to manage more simultaneous tasks, essential for modern computing environments.

Boost Your Network Performance

The Xeon 6 delivers up to 4.2 times higher 5G UPF performance and 2.7 times higher performance per watt (socket power) with the Intel Xeon 6780E compared to the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon 6252N processors3. Designed for next-generation 5G networks, the Xeon 6780E ensures efficient and seamless data handling.

Advanced Firewall Capabilities

Enhance your network protection with up to 5.8 times higher Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) performance and 3.5 times higher performance per watt (socket power) with the Intel 6780E compared to the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon 6252N processors4. The Xeon 6780E offers robust security without sacrificing speed or efficiency, making it an excellent choice for modern firewall solutions.

Additionally, the Xeon 6 includes Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) for encryption and compression and Intel Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB) for resource management. These built-in accelerators boost performance by offloading specific tasks from the CPU, allowing it to handle other critical processes more efficiently.

Security and Confidential Computing

Advanced Security Features

In today’s digital landscape, security is crucial. The Xeon 6 incorporates Intel Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) and Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) to provide strong security for virtual machines and applications. These features are vital for protecting sensitive data and workloads, ensuring your infrastructure remains secure.

Support for Next-Gen Security Workloads

The high core density and performance of the Intel Xeon 6700 Series processors support advanced security capabilities like real-time threat detection and next-gen firewalls. This makes the Xeon 6 an ideal choice for organizations that need to safeguard critical data and maintain stringent security standards.

Longevity and Value

Long-Life Availability

A notable feature of the Xeon 6 is its long-life availability5. This translates to fewer upgrades and a longer return on investment, making it a cost-effective solution for the future.


The Xeon 6 contributes to your company’s sustainability goals due to its higher performance per watt and flexible TDP ranges of 205W–330W6. This efficiency supports greener operations.

Ecosystem Support

Compatibility with a range of Intel Ethernet products and a robust ecosystem of Intel-optimized software and tools ensures successful deployments in network and edge environments. This compatibility simplifies the integration process and maximizes the value of existing investments.


Investing in the newest Xeon 6 processors prepares your infrastructure for future demands, whether it\'s for 5G, enterprise security, or industrial smart grids. This upgrade offers significant advancements in performance, efficiency, and security, while also contributing to more sustainable operations. Here are the highlights of the new Xeon 6 processor features:

Performance-per-watt efficiency and core density

Memory and I/O
  • Up to 144 cores per socket in 1- or 2-socket configurations
  • Processor base power between 205W and 330W
  • DDR5 memory speeds up to 6400MT/s (1DPC)/5200MT/s (2DPC)7
  • Up to four links of Intel® UPI 2.0 links per CPU at speeds up to 24 GT/s
  • Eight DDR5 memory channels per CPU
  • Up to 88 lanes PCIe 5.0

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