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Comparing NVIDIA A100 and NVIDIA L40S: Which GPU is Ideal for AI and Graphics-Intensive Workloads?

With long lead times (up to 25 weeks) for the NVIDIA H100 and A100 GPUs, many organizations are looking at the new NVIDIA L40S GPU, which is a new GPU optimized for AI and graphics performance in the data center. From chatbots to generative art and AI-augmented applications, the L40S offers excellent power and efficiency for enterprises seeking to integrate AI into their operations.

NVIDIA L40S Introduction 

The widespread adoption of AI has reached a tipping point where it is expected to be a part of every major application and workflow. 

Based on NVIDIA’s “Ada Lovelace architecture”, the new NVIDIA L40S is a powerhouse when it comes to AI and graphics performance in the datacenter. With its new streaming multiprocessor, 4th-gen Tensor Cores, and 3rd-gen RT Cores, the L40S offers unmatched capabilities. It delivers 91.6 teraFLOPS of FP32 performance, large L2 cache, and many other features that ensure efficiency and performance.

Many customers are considering the L40S as an ideal choice even without considerations of lead time for other GPUs.

L40S Delivers Better Performance vs. A100 Across a Wide Range of Applications

The NVIDIA L40S GPU is a powerful multi-workload acceleration technology that provides versatile performance to accelerate a broad range of AI and graphics use cases. 

Whether it is AI computations, deep learning algorithms, or graphics-intensive applications, the L40S GPU oftentimes provides superior performance vs. A100 as the following charts show

For example, the L40S delivers A100-level performance for AI across a variety of training and inference workloads found within the MLPerf benchmark.

In addition, the L40S GPU outperforms the A100 GPU when it comes to generating images and is especially true for images of different sizes and resolutions. 


In the dynamic world of AI and graphics, the NVIDIA L40S is a game-changer for enterprises seeking to incorporate AI into their operations. 

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