Aberdeen, which was purchased by Source Code in 2018, is becoming part of Thinkmate, another Source Code company.

What Does This Mean For You?

This change will allow us to bring you a wider range of technologies faster.

The products you love will have new names (see below)
You'll still be able to log in with the same credentials and access all your account data
You’ll still be able to speak to the same account manager

Find your Aberdeen products at Thinkmate



Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
Stirling XS4-11S3-SH RAX XS4-11S3-SH
Stirling XS4-11S3-10G RAX XS4-11S3-10G
Stirling XT10-11S3-10G RAX XT10-11S3-10G
Stirling XS8-12S3-10G RAX XS8-12S3-10G
Stirling XS4-21S3-AIOM RAX XS4-21S3-AIOM
Stirling XT8-21S3-AIOM RAX XT8-21S3-AIOM
Stirling XT10-21S3-AIOM RAX XT10-21S3-AIOM
Stirling XS8-22S3-10G RAX XS8-22S3-10G
Stirling XT16-22S3-10G RAX XT16-22S3-10G
Stirling XS8-24S3 TWX XS8-24S3
Stirling XN12-32S3 HDX XN12-32S3
Stirling XN24-32S3 HDX XN24-32S3
Stirling XN12-52S3 HDX XN12-52S3
Stirling XN24-52S3 HDX XN24-52S3
Stirling 154 RAX XS4-11S1-SH
Stirling 158 RAX XS4-11S1-10G
Stirling 159m RAX XT8-11S1-10G
Stirling 194 RAX XS4-21S1-SH
Stirling 194m RAX XT8-21S1-SH
Stirling 198 RAX XS4-21S1-10G
Stirling 198m RAX XT8-21S1-10G
Stirling 199m RAX XT10-21S1-10G
Stirling 258 RAX XS8-12S1-10G
Stirling 290 RAX XS8-22S1-10G
Stirling 298m RAX XT16-22S1-10G
Stirling 299 STX-NL XE12-22S1-10G
Stirling 2498m RAX XN24-42S3-10G
Stirling 490 TWX XS8-24S1
Stirling X13 RAX XS4-11S1-10G
Stirling X28 STX-NL XE12-12S1
Stirling X23 STX-NL XD24-22S1-10G
Stirling X33 STX-NL XE16-23S1-10G
Stirling X48 STX-NL XE36-24S1-10G
Stirling 11A0 RAX XF2-11E2-SH
Stirling 11A4 RAX XS4-11E2-SH
Stirling 11A4m RAX XT8-11E2-SH
Stirling 11A8 RAX XS4-11E2
Stirling 11A8m RAX XT8-11E2


Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
Stonehaven A158 RAX QS4-11E2
Stonehaven A159m RAX QT10-11E2
Stonehaven AQ293 Quad Node HDX QT24-32E3
Stonehaven AQ296m Quad Node HDX QT24-52E3
Stonehaven A129 RAX QS4-21E2
Stonehaven A129m RAX QT10-21E2
Stonehaven A229 RAX QS12-22E2
Stonehaven QF4-14E1 TWX QF4-14E1
Stonehaven A420 A+ Server 4023S-TRT


Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
Lochness XN4-21S3-4GPU GPX XN4-21S3-4GPU
Lochness XN6-24S3-10GPU GPX XN6-24S3-10GPU
Lochness XT6-24S3-8NVLINK GPX XT6-24S3-8NVLINK
Lochness 153-2XG GPX XS3-11S1-2GPU
Lochness 156-2XG GPX XT8-11S1-2GPU
Lochness 194-3XG GPX XT4-21S1-3GPU
Lochness 192-4XG GPX XT4-21S1-3GPU
Lochness 298-6XG GPX XT10-22S1-6GPU
Lochness 4924-8XG GPX XT24-24S1-8GPU
Lochness 49242-10XG GPX XT24-24S1-10GPU
Lochness 49243-10XG GPX XT24-24S1-10GPU
Lochness 192-4XNVL GPX XT4-24S1-4NVLINK
Lochness 4916-8XNVL GPX XT16-24S1-8NVLINK
Lochness QN4-22E2-4NVLINK GPX QN4-22E2-4NVLINK
Lochness QN6-42E2-8NVLINK GPX QN6-42E2-8NVLINK



Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
Stirling 540X7 GPX-WS 540X1
Stirling 540X1 VSX R5 540X1
Stirling W423 HPX XS8-14S1
Stirling W422 HPX XS8-24S1
Stirling 340V10 VSX R5 340V10
Stirling 494G Workstation GPX XS8-24S1-4GPU
Stonehaven A570X-RT4 VSX R5 340R
Lochness XF4-24S3 HPX XF4-24S3
Lochness XS8-14S3-4GPU GPX XS8-14S3-4GPU
Lochness XS8-24S3 HPX XS8-24S3
Lochness XS8-24S3-4GPU GPX XS8-24S3-4GPU
Stonehaven QF4-14TP HPX QF4-14TP
Stonehaven A40TRX-RT3 VSX R5 540RT3
Stonehaven A540-RTP-CDB GPX-WS 540RTP
Stonehaven A540-RTP VSX R5 540RTP


Stirling X

Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
Stirling X13 Storage Server RAX XS4-11S1-10G
Stirling X28 Storage Server STX-NL XE12-12S1
Stirling X23 Storage Server STX-NL XD24-22S1-10G
Stirling X33 Storage Server STX-NL XE16-23S1-10G
Stirling X48 Storage Server STX-NL XE36-24S1-10G
Stirling X50 Storage Server SuperStorage 6049P-E1CR60H
Stirling XD72-14S1 STX-NL XD72-14S1
Stirling XD72-24S1-10G STX-NL XD72-24S1-10G


Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
AberNAS N13L Linux STX-NS XS4-11S1-10G
AberNAS N28L Linux STX-NS XE12-12S1-10G
AberNAS N23L Linux STX-NS XD24-22S1-10G
AberNAS N33L Linux STX-NS XE16-23S1-10G
AberNAS N48L Linux STN-NS XE36-24S1-10G
AberNAS N50L Linux STX-NS XE60-24S1
AberNAS N13W WSS2019 STX-WS XS4-11S1-10G
AberNAS N28W WSS2019 STX-WS XE12-12S1-10G
AberNAS N23W WSS2019 STX-WS XD24-22S1-10G
AberNAS N33W WSS2019 STX-WS XE16-23S1-10G
AberNAS N48W WSS2019 STX-WS XE36-24S1-10G
AberNAS N50W WSS2019 STX-WS XE60-24S1-10G


Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
Stonehaven QE12-12E2 STX-NL QE12-12E2
Stonehaven QE16-13E2 STX-NL QE16-13E2
Stonehaven QE24-14E2 STX-NL QE24-14E2
Stonehaven QD24-12E2 STX-NL QD24-12E2


Aberdeen Model Thinkmate Model
JBOD-S33 Single Expander STX-JB JE16-0310-SAS3
JBOD-S34 Dual Expander STX-JB JE16-0320-SAS3
JBOD-S43 Single Expander STX-JB JE44-0410-SAS3
JBOD-S44 Dual Expander STX-JB JE44-0410-SAS3
JBOD-A24 Dual Expander STX-JB JD24-0220-SAS3
JBOD-A84 Dual Expander STX-JB JE84-0520-SAS3
JBOD-A90 Dual Expander STX-JB JE90-0420-SAS3
JBOD-A106 Dual Expander STX-JB JE106-0420-SAS3