NVIDIA® Tesla™ P100 GPU Computing Accelerator - 12GB HBM2 - PCIe 3.0 x16 - Passive Cooling

NVIDIA part #: 900-2H400-0003-000

HPC data centers need to support the ever-growing demands of scientists and researchers while staying within a tight budget. The old approach of deploying lots of commodity compute nodes requires vast interconnect overhead that substantially increases costs without proportionally increasing data center performance.

The NVIDIA Tesla P100 accelerators are the world’s most advanced data center GPUs ever built, designed to boost throughput and save money for HPC and hyperscale data centers. Powered by the brand new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, Tesla P100 for PCIe-based servers enables a single node to replace up to half-rack of commodity CPU nodes by delivering lightning-fast performance in a broad range of HPC applications.

Price: $4,999.00

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Main Specifications
Product SeriesTesla P100
Host InterfacePCI Express 3.0 x16
GPU ArchitecturePascal
Detailed Specifications
Streaming Processor Cores3584 CUDA Cores
PCIe x16 Interconnect Bandwidth32 GB/s
CoWoS HBM2 Stacked Memory Capacity12 GB
CoWoS HBM2 Stacked Memory Bandwidth540 GB/s
Max Memory Bandwidth540 GB/s
Peak Double Precision floating point performance (GFLOP)4.7 TeraFLOPS
Peak Single Precision floating point performance (GFLOP)9.3 TeraFLOPS
Half-Precision Performance18.7 TeraFLOPS
NVIDIA CUDA™ TechnologyYes
Dual SlotYes
Max Graphics Card Power (W)250W