NVIDIA® Tesla™ M40 GPU Computing Accelerator - 24GB GDDR5 - Passive Cooler

NVIDIA part #: 900-2G600-0010-000

Tesla M40 with 24GB GPU Accelerator
Researchers and developers are building larger, more sophisticated neural networks to increase their detection and prediction accuracy. The NVIDIA® Tesla® M40 is the world’s fastest deep learning training accelerator, built to handle larger workloads and deliver results in hours—verses days on CPU-only systems. Its NVIDIA Maxwell™ GPU and 24 GB of large-capacity memory are ideal for networks designed to accurate speech recognition and object identification, as well as a deeper understanding of video and natural language content. It’s the newest addition to the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, which lets users leverage NVIDIA cuDNN, DIGITS™, and popular frameworks to easily build, test, and deploy modern artificial intelligence applications in the data center.

Price: $5,099.00

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Main Specifications
Product SeriesTesla M40
Host InterfacePCI Express 3.0 x16
GPU ArchitectureMaxwell
Detailed Specifications
Streaming Processor Cores3072 CUDA Cores
Memory Interface384-bit
Max Memory Size24 GB GDDR5
Max Memory Bandwidth288 GB/s
Peak Double Precision floating point performance (GFLOP)0.2 Teraflops
Peak Single Precision floating point performance (GFLOP)7 Teraflops with NVIDIA GPU Boost
NVIDIA CUDA™ TechnologyYes
Dual SlotDual Slot, Full Height
Dimensions4.4” H × 10.5” L
Supplementary Power Connectors1x 8 Pin
Max Graphics Card Power (W)250W