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Reasons ISVs and OEMs Choose Thinkmate


Companies Trust Thinkmate’s High Quality, Reliable Hardware

For over 20 years, Thinkmate has been building high quality, reliable servers and workstations for Business, Research and Government. Our experience is unmatched in the server industry and our state-of-art, ISO 9001:2008 certified build facility is committed to consistently producing products that exceed our customers expectations.


Product Stocking & Blind drop shipment to your customers

Thinkmate acts as your "virtual warehouse", making your sales process as easy as submitting a PO. Products are blind shipped directly to your customers, keeping our involvement transparent.


Beautifully designed. For your brand.

Our experience in hardware packaging and graphics design enables Thinkmate to provide complete corporate branding for every device manufactured, from custom bezels and logos to packaging labels and shipping documentation. We provide a flexible range of branding options, which can give your product visibility at any budget or volume.


Advanced replacement , onsite warranty and best-in-industry support

Partnering with Thinkmate gives you the option of offering advanced replacement and onsite service for your appliances. Award-Winning warranty with advanced parts replacement.


Evaluation Prototypes

Thinkmate offers an evaluation program to ISVs and OEMs looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days. It’s easy to get started.

Process at a glance

Process in Detail
 1 50 90
Timeframes shown are based on typical results. Because each project is unique, actual timeframes may vary.

We’ll work with you to define the details of your appliance solution.

Hardware configuration, costs, warranty, support, and all other relevant issues to support the project and ensure it fits your needs. In addition to identifying the manufacturing process that works best, the prototype team will also work with the customer on the final product design. Our focus is to provide design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis and point out cost reduction and system enhancement opportunities for each individual product at the prototype level.

One size does not fit all.

We believe that customization goes beyond simply designing a custom plate with your logo on it. While even the largest OEM manufacturers provide you with only a few choices of hardware, Thinkmate uses a much wider choice of best-in-industry components, platforms and form factors from different leading vendors to ensure your appliance is truly tailored for your needs.

Design Team

Fully Custom Bezels, Paint, Badges and logos

We can have a custom faceplate or bezel cut from a material of your choice such as a plastic or a brushed aluminum that would best fit the needs and aesthetics of your solution. Every detail of your chassis can be completely customized with paint, vinyl or silk screening to match your design exactly.

Your intellectual property is safe with us.

Your application will be loaded to your specifications, and depending on your requirements may be pre-configured to match your end-customer's environment. We take extra care to ensure the safety of your intellectual property. Our commitment to the process allows you to deliver a true turn-key product.

Custom Server Plate

Quality hardware assembly and packaging.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility is able to manage complex assemblies with precision and a focus on quality. We perform a complete system test on every product we build, including a rigorous burn-in and re-test by senior technician to ensure that each unit is flawless. We will also develop work instructions for the final production units and if desired, design custom packaging material for your appliance.

Warehousing, Fulfilment and Support

Thinkmate will act as a "virtual warehouse" for you and will stock your finished or semi-finished products in secured areas. From there, your solution may be blind shipped to keep our involvement transparent to your customers. Each system we build comes with three-year return-to-depot warranty. Extended warranty options such as 24/7, 4 hour response on-site services are also available.

Custom Server

Our Technology

Technology in detail

Here’s what makes us unique: Our hardware portfolio includes the very best in proven server technology. Whether it’s a 1U server with 2 independent nodes for high density compute power, or 4U Supercomputer with support for up to 6 GPUs, Thinkmate OEM offers flexibility that even some of world’s biggest OEM companies can’t match, with hardware that is truly tailored to your application.

Flexibility that even some of the world's biggest OEM manufacturers can't match We will work with you to determine the best fit for your application during the design process. Custom platforms may also be developed, which may range anywhere from custom front bezel or drive bays to a complete custom chassis and hardware. We only use industry-leading components from top manufacturers, including AMCC, Adaptec, LSI, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Seagate, Supermicro and others, all while offering 3 year warranty.

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Get an evaluation protype at no cost.

Thinkmate offers an evaluation program to ISV's and OEM's looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days.

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