Today’s workstations are designed for professionals in fields that require constant innovation and use graphically and computationally intensive applications for tasks like computer-aided design (CAD) or digital content creation. Ranging from entry-level CAD workstations to GPU supercomputers, Thinkmate workstations are engineered to deliver superior performance, versatility, and stability in demanding work environments. Robust hardware designs, high-quality components, and optional features such as error-correcting code (ECC) memory make our workstation computers durable and reliable—one of the many reasons engineers, researchers, and other professionals choose Thinkmate workstations over commodity desktop PCs.

Getting the Most Value from Your Workstation Investment: Choosing the Right Components

Workstations are sold in a wide variety of configurations at shifting price points; so, you’ll want to research the latest components in order to maximize your ROI when purchasing a workstation PC. Factors that you should consider include:

  • Processing power. Investigate how your primary applications and workflows may benefit from the use of a certain CPU (e.g., Intel® Xeon® vs. AMD Opteron™, quad-core vs. eight-core). Refer to the system requirements provided by software vendors as a baseline.
  • Memory. Decide how much and what type of RAM your applications need to run smoothly and reliably. Find out if you need ECC RAM, a type of memory that automatically corrects single-bit data corruption—a technology fast becoming the norm in professional-grade workstations.
  • Graphics processing units. Assess whether the use of a workstation GPU or multiple GPUs will accelerate your most frequently performed work processes. Determine whether your software can leverage the capabilities of a high-performance GPU workstation.

The Thinkmate Difference: Workstations Customized, Built and Tested to Deliver Superior Performance

After looking into some of the technologies and capabilities available for workstations, choosing the appropriate components for your device may be simple enough. But assembling a balanced system with those options—while maintaining hardware/software compatibility and ensuring the overall performance, reliability, and flexibility of the entire system—is anything but simple.

At Thinkmate, an experienced custom computer builder and server solutions provider trusted by the world’s top companies and institutions, we help our clients meet the challenges of configuring workload-optimized workstations. Not only do we assist customers in customizing our systems according to their specific requirements, we offer unique designs, carefully considered best-in-class components, exceptional customer support and a three-year warranty with all of our workstations—each of which is tested thoroughly before leaving our facilities.

With the most extensive quality control program in the industry and our devotion to cutting-edge technology, Thinkmate is dedicated to providing our customers with breakthrough performance and reliability and the products and services they need to stay productive now and in the future.

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