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As organizations take advantage of new technologies to boost creativity, innovation and productivity, the workstation PC is fast becoming a key investment for those working with graphics- and/or compute-intensive professional applications. Consumer-grade desktops are simply inadequate for tasks like analyzing massive data sets or rendering complex assemblies. In industries ranging from finance to engineering, more and more professionals are using a purpose-built computer workstation to process heavy workloads efficiently and deliver results faster.

The Unique Benefits of a Workstation PC

A premium workstation computer is built with robust components optimized for professional use cases. When running processor-intensive tasks like ray tracing or video editing, a properly configured workstation PC will supply substantially more computing power than a top-of-the-line consumer desktop. In addition to faster, more advanced CPUs and storage drives, a workstation PC will include more RAM and better graphics capabilities than a desktop PC. Intel® Xeon®-based workstations for example, support ECC (error-correcting code) memory, a technology that improves both data integrity and system uptime.

Moreover, a high-end workstation PC will typically come configured with a professional-grade GPU (graphics processing unit) or multiple GPUs. Workstation GPUs are employed to support multi-display configurations and to enhance image quality and accelerate visualization and computation processes in a variety of critical applications used in design, engineering, medicine and other fields.

The Challenges of Configuring a Workstation PC for Your Specific Needs

Ultimately, the greatest advantage of a PC workstation may also be a disadvantage—depending on how well one keeps up with the latest technologies and capabilities. Engineered with expandability in mind, a workstation PC allows users to easily add or upgrade components when necessary. When purchasing an office workstation however, this flexibility and the availability of various options makes choosing the right components for your specific needs and building a balanced, future-proof machine difficult.

Thinkmate Workstation Solutions: Workstation PC Purchasing Made Simple

At Thinkmate, a server and workstation solutions provider trusted by the world’s top companies and institutions, we realize how time-consuming shopping for a workstation PC can be. That’s why we are dedicated to providing our customers with not only the latest technology and the most reliable workstations in the industry but also the technical information and support they need to choose the best system configuration for their particular workflows. Thinkmate offers:

  • Convenience. Our online ordering system—offering more customizable options than any other system builder on the web—makes finding, personalizing, and purchasing a workstation PC simple and easy. And Thinkmate customer support is ready to help if you want assistance in configuring the ideal system for your needs.
  • Choice. Using the highest-quality components available, we build, stress-test, and deliver a wide variety of workstations ranging from entry-level office workstations to GPU-optimized supercomputing solutions.
  • Assurance. Our engineers carefully consider each and every component that goes into our systems. And all of our workstations ship with our award-winning three-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.

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