Workstation Computers

As organizations seek faster, easier ways to deliver results, professionals are driven to accomplish more in less time—pushing the boundaries of technology to boost innovation and productivity. Designed for users of compute-intensive professional and technical applications, workstations computers are providing today’s knowledge workers with the powerful tools they need to explore new ideas, improve workflows, and reduce time to market. Preferred by demanding professionals, workstation computers are now being used in every major industry for applications ranging from graphics design to medical diagnostics.

Why More Professionals Choose Workstation Computers over Conventional Desktops

Although the line between entry-level workstation computers and high-end consumer desktops has blurred in recent years, the PC workstation remains the top choice for mission-critical tasks that necessitate a high level of computing and graphics performance and reliability. Engineered to withstand long-term use under heavy load, the workstation computer features specially designed, robust components and a host of reliability options not available with desktop PCs. In addition to better warranties and after-sale support, a state-of-art office workstation offers users:

  • High-performance CPUs. Leveraging advanced CPU architectures, workstation processors such as the Intel® Xeon series have more cores and more cache per processor and are optimized for multi-threaded applications and the processing of large data sets.
  • Support for ECC memory. Only available on workstation computers and essential for maintaining the stability of complex calculations, ECC memory automatically detects and fixes single-bit errors—preserving accuracy and protecting against crashes.
  • Professional graphics boards. Integral to the CAD workstation, professional GPUs like the NVIDIA® Quadro® series are certified to accelerate a wide range of professional applications, resulting in faster visualization, simulation and computation.
  • Expansion capabilities. Engineered with more ports and memory and expansion slots and larger, more efficient power supplies, workstation computers give users the flexibility to add or swap components with ease, improving the versatility and longevity of their systems.

Thinkmate Workstation Computers: Built and Tested to Deliver Superior Reliability and Performance

At Thinkmate, a custom computer builder trusted by the world’s top companies and institutions, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality components and the most reliable workstation computers in the industry. Gain peace of mind knowing that each and every component has been carefully considered by our engineers to ensure the superior reliability of your machine—whether it’s a virtually-silent workstation for noise-sensitive environments or a supercomputing multi-GPU workhorse.

Incorporating industry-leading technologies and best-in-class brand selections, our workstation computers are built and tested to deliver exceptional performance under demanding workloads. Via our convenient online ordering system, you can view and customize all of our workstation solutions. And should you have any trouble finding a component or deciding between systems, our knowledgeable technicians are here and ready to help.

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