Workstation Computer

Now more affordable than ever, the workstation computer is helping today’s designers, engineers, researchers, and other professionals in demanding industries harness the capabilities of cutting-edge technology to deliver results faster. Featuring robust hardware and enhanced processing power, workstation computers are extremely reliable and suitable for intensive use in the most challenging environments. A purpose-built workstation computer enables professionals to create, explore and do more in less time, accelerating both innovation and productivity.

The Workstation Computer: A Powerful Yet Flexible Platform for Demanding Professionals

In comparison to a consumer desktop, a workstation computer comes standard with a faster, multi-core processor (or multiple CPUs in some cases), more RAM and hard-drive capacity, more advanced graphics capabilities, larger, more efficient power supplies, and plenty of room to expand. In fact, it is this expandability, or the flexibility to add and swap components, that makes the workstation computer so versatile and attractive to power users.

Another distinguishing feature of the workstation computer is the inclusion of or the ability to add one or more discrete graphics processing units (GPUs). Essential for the CAD workstation, a professional graphics card, when used in conjunction with compatible software, improves the speed, accuracy and fluidity of CAD processes such as interactive rendering and simulation. And, with a multi-GPU setup, users can take advantage of GPU computing and enjoy ultra-fast processing of complex computations and visualizations.

Supporting Your Creativity with a Workflow-Optimized Workstation Computer from Thinkmate

Incorporating select components of the highest quality, a Thinkmate workstation computer is designed to give users unparalleled computation performance and system reliability. Engineered to support processor-intensive professional applications ranging from financial simulation to post-production editing, our office workstations allow you to maximize your returns on software and hardware investments.

At Thinkmate, a custom computer builder trusted by the world’s top companies and institutions, we are dedicated to innovation and committed to providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry. We know that the right workstation computer—a system optimized for your specific workflows—can be the foundation you need to unleash the full potential of your applications, your data and your ideas.

At Thinkmate we offer:
  • Selection. Choose from our wide selection of 100% customizable workstations. Whether you are looking for an entry-level system for basic CAD or a high-end GPU workstation for structural engineering work, we can build it for you.
  • Convenience. Access our convenient online portal to find a workstation solution that meets your unique requirements and to select the individual components you need to achieve a balanced, workflow-optimized workstation.
  • Peace of mind. All of our workstations are built and stress tested at our facilities before shipment to you and come with our award-winning warranty with advanced parts replacement—so you stay up and running.

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