For professionals and organizations using processing-intensive applications, investing in the right workstation can help boost both productivity and innovation, enabling users to work more efficiently and intuitively. Supporting the latest multi-core CPUs, high-end pro graphics cards, and ECC memory, office workstations are more powerful and reliable than consumer desktops. In workplaces that demand cost-effective production and accelerated time to market, the workstation computer provides professional users with the hardware and technology they need to leverage the full capabilities of their applications and deliver better results faster.

The Challenges of Procuring the Right Workstation for Your Workload

Workstation procurement presents its challenges, however. Studying your software vendor’s hardware recommendations and researching the latest technologies is time-consuming. And although many users would like to make the most of their office workstation budget by building their own workload-optimized system, most lack the time and/or technical expertise. That’s why many professionals now choose to purchase their workstation from a custom computer builder — as opposed to a large-scale integrator—allowing them to spend less for what may be a higher quality, more customizable product.

Accelerate Your Workflows with Professional Workstation Solutions from an Industry Leader

At Thinkmate, the #1 provider of custom workstations and a leader in the custom server solutions industry for over 20 years, we’re committed to offering our customers not only cutting-edge technology and the most reliable PC workstation solutions on the market—but also superior service. Our knowledgeable technicians are here to assist you in finding and configuring the best workstation for your purposes. We can help you navigate a rapidly evolving computer marketplace and address any concerns you may have about supporting specific applications or building a balanced and affordable system.

Thinkmate Workstation Solutions: Designed, Built, and Tested to Deliver Superior Performance

Via our online ordering system, you can view and customize all of our workstation solutions. Gain peace of mind knowing that every component that goes into our systems has been carefully considered by our engineers—and that every workstation we build is thoroughly tested before shipment. We have designed a wide range of product lines with a variety of form factors and best-in-class selection including:

  • Our virtually silent VSX Series. Incorporating specially-designed heat sinks, expertly-engineered chassis designs, and ultra-quiet power supplies, our whisper-quiet yet powerful VSX workstations offer exceptional performance for noise-sensitive workplaces.
  • Our flagship HPX series. Featuring Intel® Xeon® and AMD Opteron™ CPUs, redundant power supplies, and hot-swappable drives, Thinkmate’s high-performance workstations give users the ultimate processing power and superior reliability necessary for mission-critical tasks.
  • Our supercomputing GPX series. Supporting NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, our GPU workstation solutions are optimized for highly parallel workloads and provide cluster-level performance for your most demanding applications.

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