vSAN Server

Solve storage challenges with a VMware vSAN server

VMware vSAN delivers radically simple, hyper-converged storage for virtualized environments. Simple to deploy and provision, vSAN makes it easy to scale storage and compute resources by combining direct storage devices across a vSphere cluster to create a shared data area distributed across an enterprise network. With a vSAN server, storage administrators can determine the performance and availability requirements they need for storage and the vSAN software will make sure the policies are enforced.

As a leading provider of custom-configured server, storage and workstation solutions, Thinkmate provides a wide range of vSAN systems that are ready for use out-of-the-box and offer the perfect storage solution for enterprises and SMBs.

Benefits of a vSAN server

By enabling IT administrators to manage compute storage with a single platform, a vSAN server provides:

  • Greater flexibility. Deploy software-defined infrastructure across the data center, relying on the industry's largest HCI system to unify resources under policy-based management.
  • Seamless evolution. Virtualize storage resources with a secure, integrated hyper-converged solution that integrates with your hypervisor and leading public clouds and uses existing tools for compute and storage.
  • Support for multi-cloud environments. Enjoy consistent operations across your cloud environment, using a common control plane from the core data center to the public cloud and the edge.
  • Simplify operations. Easily roll out new infrastructure and applications with minimal training.
  • Reduce costs. Reduce the price per performance by supporting the latest storage technology on industry-standard servers.

VMware vSAN servers from Thinkmate

Since 1986, Thinkmate has been providing custom-built equipment to customers in business, government, and education. Our deep technical knowledge across a broad range of products and technologies enables our customers to solve their data center challenges, while our cutting-edge technology delivers the performance and value they require. Our commitment to superior customer service and highly competitive pricing has made us one of the top white box server solutions providers in the industry.

We offer the industry's broadest portfolio of VMware vSAN ready systems. With the highest number of configuration options as well as fully integrated VMware-certified systems, we deliver best-in-market reliability, cooling, performance, power consumption, and capacity. With Supermicro vSAN server solutions built by Thinkmate, you can support up to 400 virtual desktops on a single system, dramatically simplifying your storage infrastructure and reducing your TCO by up to 50%.

VSAN server solutions from Thinkmate provide:

  • Simple storage for VMs. Use VM-centric storage policies to achieve granular control and automation of storage service levels. Full integration with VMware vSphere and the entire VMware stack ensures an efficient and cost-effective model for operations.
  • Reduced TCO. Use inexpensive industry-standard server components to reduce capital expenses for storage. Automate management of storage service levels to simplify storage and lower operational expenses.
  • High performance. VSAN server optimizes the I/O data path to deliver performance that is far better than a virtual appliance or an external device.
  • Elastic scalability. A vSAN server provides elastic, non-disruptive scaling of storage resources.

In addition to a vSAN server or VMware server, we offer a broad range of NVIDIA virtualization products as well as NVIDIA GPU-accelerated technologies such as an RTX server, T4 server or v100 server. We also offer NVIDIA DGX systems that can serve as a powerful data science workstation or deep learning workstation. Our product line includes NVMe storage server options as well.

How to build a vSAN server

Building your VMware vSAN server is easy with Thinkmate's world-class configurator. This online quoting and ordering system offers more customizable options than any other system builder on the web.

Start by choosing a base model based on target use, performance, maximum memory, maximum storage, and number of processors. Then you'll have the option of selecting from a long list of components. You can add, subtract, or swap out parts to configure your server to your exact specifications. From processors, memory, hard drives, network cards and hypervisors to virtual SAN licenses, support contracts, subscriptions, and warranties, your options for configuring your server are many and varied. The cost of each component or offering is clearly marked on the page so you'll have a clear sense of what you're getting. And each selection will be reflected in the total configured price of your machine at the top of the page, allowing you to track the cost of your choices.

Thinkmate: your #1 source for vSAN servers

When you choose VMware vSAN server from Thinkmate, your equipment can be covered by a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. We can offer this award-winning warranty because we know our products are exceptionally reliable, and we have detailed reliability records to prove it. Every Thinkmate machine is built in the USA, in our state-of-the-art facility in Massachusetts. And because of our strong relationships with our direct suppliers and recognized product manufacturers, we can deliver highly competitive pricing that is on par with or better than our competitors. When you build a custom server, storage server, or workstation at Thinkmate, you'll always have access to a team of technicians and customer service professionals who can help you resolve any issue, answer any question, and ensure that you get equipment that serves your needs.

FAQs: What is VMware vSAN?

What is VMware vSAN?

VMware vSAN is an enterprise-class, storage visualization software that works with VMware vSphere to manage compute and storage with a single platform. vSAN pools together storage devices across a VMware vSphere cluster to create a distributed, shared data store. vSAN enables administrators to define storage requirements for performance and availability for virtual machines on vSphere cluster, and vSAN ensures these requirements are maintained.

What are the advantages of VMware vSAN?

VMware vSAN is easy to use, simplifying the management of storage resources. VSAN increases storage agility and security while reducing the total cost of ownership for storage solutions

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