VMware Server

Increase IT agility and flexibility with a VMware server

As a pioneer in virtualization software, VMware enables more efficient utilization of computer hardware and allows cloud providers to serve more users with existing physical hardware. A VMware server makes it possible to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines, running Windows, Linux, Solaris, and NetWare operating systems and applications on the same physical hardware. A VMware server can also enable faster provisioning, reduce hardware costs, increase productivity and improve disaster recovery.

As a world-class provider of customized server, storage, and workstation solutions since 1986, Thinkmate offers the broadest portfolio in VMware-certified systems for clients in business, government, education, and high-performance computing markets.

The benefits of a VMware server

A VMware-certified server enables a physical server to be partitioned into multiple virtual machines, where each machine runs operating systems and applications just like a physical server. Each virtual machine (VM) can access all the physical host hardware resources such as CPU, networking, memory, and peripherals. Virtual machines can be saved as files and be provisioned and moved quickly, and are completely isolated and secure.

With a VMware server, IT teams can:

  • Simplify the provisioning of servers, provisioning servers in minutes without requiring new hardware.
  • Streamline software development and testing by enabling developers to use one server to create multiple environments with different operating systems.
  • Improve testing of patches, operating systems, and applications by enabling administrators to test in a secure VM environment and to use a snapshot feature to roll back to a clean state.
  • Simplify software evaluation by testing in ready-to-run virtual machines without installation configuration.
  • Use pre-built, ready-to-run virtual appliances, virtual hardware, operating systems, and application environments.

VMware server products from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a #1 white box server solutions provider for nearly 20 years, thanks to our commitment to superior customer service, cutting-edge technology, and highly competitive pricing. Offering deep technical knowledge across a broad range of products and technologies, we serve as a one-stop partner where our customers can access the machines and expertise they need to solve their data center challenges.

Our portfolio of VMware-certified servers offers the highest number of configuration options and fully integrated systems, providing best-in-market reliability, performance, power consumption, cooling, and capacity.

Our VMware product offerings include:

  • VMware Virtual SAN systems that are ready to use out-of-the-box and offer the ideal storage solution for enterprise and SMB companies. vSAN server systems offer elastic, non-disruptive scalability and much better performance than a virtual appliance or an external device. VMware vSAN systems can significantly simplify storage infrastructure while lowering the total cost of ownership by up to 50%.
  • VMware EVO: RAIL is a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that combines compute, networking, and storage resources in a simple and easy-to-deploy, all-in-one solution. EVO: RAIL enables power-on to VM creation in minutes, easy VM deployment, one-click non-disruptive patch and upgrades, and simplified management software.
  • VMware vSphere is the industry-leading virtualization platform that enables users to virtualize any application with confidence. vSphere delivers a highly available, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that serves as the ideal foundation of any cloud environment.

In addition to VMware server products for virtualization, we offer virtualization through a broad range of NVIDIA virtual GPU technology and software, including NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server, NVIDIA Quadro vDWS and NVIDIA GRID vPC and GRID vApps.

Building a VMware server in minutes

Configuring and pricing out a VMware server at Thinkmate takes just minutes. Our world-class configurator makes it easy to quickly price and compare options, and our expert solutions architects can help to build a machine that meets your exact requirements.

To build and cost out your VMware server, start by selecting one of our base models and then begin adding or changing components to customize your machine. You'll have a long list of choices for processors, memory, drives, network cards, hypervisors and software. There's no mystery to the pricing – the cost of each component appears next to its listing and you'll see a total configured price of the top of the page that changes as you make each selection. When you've finished, you can add your server to your order or submit your configuration for a formal price quote. You also have the option of submitting your selection for review by our expert technicians to make sure that you've chosen the components that will best serve your needs.

Thinkmate: A premier provider of VMware servers

When you choose Thinkmate to source your custom VMware servers, you'll find:

  • Incredibly reliable products. Thanks to rigorous stress-testing protocols and our detailed reliability records, our products are considered to be among the most reliable in the industry.
  • 100% customizable machines. Everything Thinkmate machine is completely customized to the exact specifications of our customers.
  • Superb customer service. Our commitment to customer service extends to every member of our company – not just our customer service team – and you'll always be able to talk to a live person when you contact us for answers to questions, help with configuration or resolution of issues.
  • Equipment that's made in the USA. All of our machines are built in our state-of-the-art facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts.
  • Excellent pricing. Our relationships with direct suppliers – the same people who provide components to our large-scale integrators – enable us to meet or beat our competitors' prices.
  • A 3-year warranty. Thinkmate machines can be paired with a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement to you.

FAQs: What is a VMware server?

What is a VMware server?

A VMware server is a server created through virtualization, where a physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual machines.

What are the benefits of a VMware server?

With a VMware server, IT teams can run multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, improving hardware utilization, reducing hardware costs, accelerating provisioning and deployment, reducing energy costs, and increasing productivity.

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