Ultra-Quiet PC

Minimize noise with an ultra-quiet PC from Thinkmate

When you need an ultra-quiet PC, Thinkmate offers a family of whisper-quiet VSX Workstations that raise the bar for silent PC technology. Featuring specially designed fans and heatsinks with a low-noise chassis and ultra-quiet PC power supplies, our silent workstations are built to let you focus on your work, rather than the noise from your computer.

Designing an ultra-quiet PC

Ultra-quiet PCs are in demand in workspaces like video editing and audio recording studios, live performance venues, and certain laboratory settings where even the slightest bit of noise from a workstation is acceptable. To build a completely silent PC, manufacturers must eliminate, reduce, or dampen noise generated by several key components.

Fans that are designed to cool CPUs, video cards, and the case of a computer are the largest source of sound. The air displaced by fan blades and the hum from the fan's mechanics can be quite noisy, and manufacturers building a quiet PC will work to both reduce heat generated by components (minimizing the need for fans) and to use low-noise components with features like optimized blade geometry that are designed to produce less sound. Heat sinks can also help to provide noiseless cooling.

The other sources of noise in a PC typically come from the vibration of hard disk drives, which use spinning platters to read and write data, and from the whine of electrical coils and transformers used within power supplies, motherboards, and other components. Manufacturers can use ultra-quiet components to minimize or eliminate this noise, as well as soundproofing techniques to dampen or contain noise within the computer case.

An ultra-quiet PC from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Our VSX workstations can be easily ordered online with our custom configurator which lets you select from a variety of ultra-quiet PC components and immediately get a read on your costs and on the impact of your choices on noise-free performance. Our online ordering system has more customizable options than any other system builder on the web. And if you can't find exactly what you need on our website, our expert solution architects are just a call or click away to help you configure the ultra-quiet PC you need.

Elements of an ultra-quiet PC

Thinkmate ultra-quiet PC workstations are available with 1-2 GPUs, 6-8 drive bays, 1-2 processors, and up to 2TB max RAM. A fourth-generation silent design expertly balances leading-edge performance with low-noise operation to deliver an ultra-quiet, ultra-powerful PC workstation.

Thinkmate ultra-quiet PCs feature:

  • Multiple options for configuration. Our world-class configurator lets you easily compare options, configure machines and receive an instant price quote, and our expert solution architects are always ready to help configure the ideal ultra-quiet PC for your needs.
  • Dual-chamber chassis. Our VSX family of ultra-quiet PCs feature chassis with dual chambers, three-layer wall construction and soundproofing insulation mounted on the sidewalls to deliver a system so quiet you'll forget that is ever on. The expertly engineered chassis increases airflow efficiency and isolates the power supply from other system components to reduce heat and noise.
  • Ultra-quiet PC power supplies. Power supply options in the VSX series feature modular, low-profile cables that both increase airflow and enable easier cable routing. Heat generation is minimized through a high-efficiency design that reduces electrical usage, and specially designed heatsinks and intelligent fan speed systems provide highly effective silent PC cooling solutions.
  • Quiet drives. VSX workstations use solid-state drives that have no moving platters and provide noiseless operation, or hard disk drives that are limited to 7200 RPM to minimize vibration in the chassis.
  • 3-year warranty. Our 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement can be added, and we offer the opportunity to upgrade to a 5-year warranty with advanced replacement or next business day on-site warranty.

Why source your ultra-quiet PC from Thinkmate?

When you come to Thinkmate for an ultra-quiet PC, you can rely on:

  • The quality of our equipment. We put every silent desktop PC computer produced by Thinkmate through an extensive quality control and testing process to ensure it meets the highest standards for quality.
  • A superior value. Our pricing is on par with or better than the big-name manufacturers because we have the same direct relationships with suppliers that they do – and a lot less overhead.
  • Technology built in the USA. Every Thinkmate ultra-quiet PC is built and stress-tested in our own state-of-the-art facilities located in Massachusetts.
  • Unmatched reliability. Our products are tested in the harshest environments to ensure they can deliver the reliability our customers expect.
  • Remarkable customer service. Every Thinkmate employee – not just our customer service staff – is committed to representing our company and serving our customers in a way that leaves a noticeable impression.

FAQs: What is an ultra-quiet PC?

What is an ultra-quiet PC?

An ultra-quiet PC is a computer built with components that produce zero or minimal noise when the computer is operating.

How is an ultra-quiet PC designed?

An ultra-quiet PC is designed with components such as motherboards, CPUs, and video cards that minimize the amount of power that it takes to run the machine, thereby minimizing or eliminating the fans required to cool the system. (Fans are typically the most noise-producing component of a PC.) Solid-state drives are used in place of hard drives with spinning platters, which also produced noise. Soundproofing of the PC case can also help with noise reduction.

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