Blade servers are a powerful upgrade from traditional rack mount servers. They offer increased compute density while leveraging the advantages of shared infrastructure resources. With the increasing computing horsepower demands of today's high performance and enterprise server applications, run-of-the-mill blade servers may not meet the performance requirements of these applications. To fulfill the requirements of such applications, Thinkmate offers a server blade product from Supermicro's SuperBlade® range that provides significantly more computing density than most blade servers on the market: the Supermicro TwinBlade®.

What is Supermicro TwinBlade?

Most blade servers incorporate one server node in one server blade. Since each server blade is not designed in accordance to the standard rack U sizing, each blade is usually smaller than the standard server 1U size. Blade enclosures are used to contain and enclose several server blades, and these enclosures fit into standard 42U server racks. Hence, a blade enclosure can offer a higher density of server nodes in a given U size than traditional rack servers that are stacked up to the same U size. For example, a 7U blade server enclosure contains more server nodes than seven stacked 1U rack servers where each 1U rack server contains a single server node.

Supermicro TwinBlade is the most technologically advanced blade server system in the industry. Each Twin Blade is a server blade that contains two server nodes instead of just one, yielding one of the densest blade servers available. In relation to standard U sizing, each TwinBlade server node occupies just 0.35U or 35% of the size of a standard 1U server. Moreover, each server node in a TwinBlade contains two multi-core CPUs. In a TwinBlade 7U enclosure that can house 10 TwinBlades or 20 server nodes, 40 CPUs can run concurrently. In a standard 42U rack, six 7U TwinBlade enclosures can be installed running up to 60 TwinBlades or 240 multi-core CPUs. Up to 480 CPU cores can be supported per 7U enclosure which totals 2880 cores in a 42U rack. This makes for one of the densest racks in terms of computing power.

Powering each TwinBlade enclosure are redundant high efficiency (94%) 2500W or 3000W power supplies making TwinBlade the greenest blade server in the industry. Supporting each enclosure are high bandwidth network interconnect options: up to two FDR (56Gbps) InfiniBand switches, up to two 1/10GbE or 10GbE switches, and/or a 1GbE pass-through module. Management and control of the server blades is enabled by onboard IPMI 2.0 with KVM over IP and remote Virtual Media over LAN.

Run High Performance Applications Using Supermicro TwinBlade

With one of the highest CPU densities in the industry, Supermicro TwinBlade is superbly equipped to run high performance applications. These include HPC supercomputing, cloud computing, oil & gas exploration, financial modeling, and scientific and engineering computing. Each Supermicro TwinBlade purchased from Thinkmate comes with a 3-year warranty with advance parts support and award-winning customer service. When you buy from Thinkmate, you can be assured of the best products and product support in the industry.

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