Twin Server

Twin Servers are a cost-effective way to increase computing density and implement redundancy in rackmount solutions. They typically double the number of server nodes in a given footprint. For example, a traditional 1U or 2U rack server contains one server node while a Twin Server contains two nodes in the same 1U or 2U footprint. Each server node in a Twin Server can be self-sufficient — it contains its own motherboard, CPUs, memory, drives, and networking and other peripheral interfaces, and can be swappable. This enables the server nodes to be redundant with failover and/or clustering features.

Twin Server Solutions Available from Thinkmate

Several Twin Servers are available from Supermicro through Thinkmate, the leading Supermicro systems builder and seller:

  • SuperServer® 1U Twin — The 1U Twin Server from Supermicro is a 1U chassis containing two server nodes. Two multi-core CPUs can be installed in each node along with four SATA drives, and 256GB of memory. A power supply unit is shared between the two server nodes allowing for high power utilization and efficiency.
  • SuperServer 2U Twin — The 2U Twin Server from Supermicro is a 2U chassis containing two server nodes. Each node runs two multi-core CPUs, contains twelve SAS/SATA hot-swappable drives, and accesses 512GB of memory. Both nodes in the 2U Twin are hot-swappable and are powered by redundant 1400-watt Gold Level (93%+ efficiency) power supplies resulting in maximum availability.
  • SuperServer 2U Twin2® — Further increasing computing density beyond the Supermicro 2U Twin is the 2U Twin2® solution which offers four server nodes in a 2U chassis. Each server node is hot-swappable, contains dual multi-core CPUs and up to six hot-swappable SAS/SATA drives, and accesses 512GB of memory. This results in eight multi-core CPUs, twenty-four SAS/SATA drives, and 2TB of memory for the entire chassis. Two redundant and hot-swappable high efficiency power supply units provide power to the four server nodes.
  • SuperServer FatTwin™ — Supermicro FatTwin™ is an innovative Twin Server architecture that leverages the 4U chassis size to increase compute and storage densities beyond the 1U Twin, 2U Twin, and 2U Twin2® servers. A FatTwin™ system can be configured with two, four, or eight hot-pluggable server nodes in a FatTwin™ 4U chassis, and I/O ports can be configured in the front or rear of the chassis. The chassis provides highly efficient and redundant power supplies. The highly effective shared cooling architecture in the chassis allows a FatTwin server to operate in ambient environment temperatures of up to 47ºC.
  • Supermicro TwinPro™ and TwinPro2™ — The Supermicro TwinPro™ and TwinPro2™ are 2U Twin Servers that have onboard 12Gb/s SAS-3 controllers and NVMe storage support. The 2U TwinPro™ Twin Server contains two server nodes in a 2U chassis. Each node runs dual multi-core CPUs, supports up to 512GB of memory, and holds up to twelve hot-swappable drives of which eight are SAS-3 12Gb/s drives and four are SATA 6Gb/s drives (or four NVMe PCIe SSDs and eight SAS-3 or SATA drives). Supermicro TwinPro2™ contains four server nodes in a 2U chassis. Each node contains dual multi-core CPUs, accesses up to 512GB of memory, and supports up to six hot-swappable drives (SAS-3 12Gb/s, SAS-2 6Gb/s, and SATA). TwinPro™ and TwinPro2™ servers come with redundant high efficiency power supplies.

Invest in the Future with a Supermicro Twin Server

The wide selection and highly flexible configurations of Twin Servers from Supermicro enables them to fit all or most high performance and high density application requirements today. The advanced design and latest specification components of each Supermicro Twin Server future-proofs any investment you make in Supermicro Twin Servers. When you buy from Thinkmate, you also benefit from expert consultation, a 3-year warranty, and 24-hour customer support.

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