Twin Blade

In addition to rack mount Twin Servers from Supermicro, Thinkmate also supplies blade server systems in a Twin Server configuration. Supermicro TwinBlade® is a blade server that incorporates two server nodes in one server blade. This architecture effectively doubles the compute density of a blade system. Each Twin Blade server node occupies just 0.35U or 35% of the size of a standard server 1U rack space. Additionally, each server node in a Supermicro TwinBlade® server blade contains two multi-core CPUs.

This creates one of the densest blade systems in terms of CPU computing power.

Benefits of a Twin Blade System

With one of the highest compute densities in the industry for a blade system, a Twin Blade server offers numerous benefits including:

  • Fits in a standard 42U rack — Supermicro TwinBlade® enclosures come in a 7U size that fits into a standard 42U rack. This allows Twin Blade servers to be deployed in any data center or enterprise office using standard racks.
  • Highest performance-per-watt — Each Supermicro TwinBlade® 7U enclosure is powered by redundant high efficiency (94%) 2500W/3000W power supplies that offer the highest energy savings (Green Computing). With a maximum of 10 server blades containing 20 server nodes and 40 CPUs (two CPUs per node) housed in one Twin Blade enclosure, six 7U enclosures that fit into a 42U rack can run a total of 240 CPUs. This density offers the highest performance-per-watt, and hence, highest performance-per-dollar available today in the industry.
  • Ease of management — With a consolidated design in a blade enclosure, Twin Blade servers are easy to manage. Using a backplane for power, networking, and I/O, cabling is reduced or eliminated, thereby allowing for better airflow cooling from the enclosure’s cooling system. Management and control is also made easier using the onboard IPMI 2.0 with KVM over IP and remote Virtual Media over LAN.
  • Cost effective — Supermicro Twin Blade offers one of the lowest TCOs in the industry. By leveraging an enclosure design that fits into a standard 42U rack, proprietary blade enclosures are done away with, thereby negating the requirement for additional data center floor space to locate a blade server system. Twin Blades are deployed in standard racks allowing for valuable cost savings in data center real estate.

Configure a Supermicro Twin Blade Solution from Thinkmate

Being a technology partner and supplier of rack mount computer server systems and solutions from Supermicro, Thinkmate offers a wide variety of Supermicro Twin Blade configurations. Customers can view, modify, and purchase Supermicro TwinBlade® servers on Thinkmate’s website. If a custom configuration is needed, Thinkmate’s in-house engineers can help you to configure a blade server system to meet your exact requirements. Each Supermicro TwinBlade® purchased through Thinkmate comes with a 3-year warranty with advance parts support and 24-hour customer support.

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