Tower Server

Power small business computing with a tower server

Tower servers are one of the most prevalent computing technologies in small businesses today, providing processing power for everything from serving files and databases to system management and corporate networking.

As a leading provider of custom servers, storage solutions, and workstations for more than 25 years, Thinkmate provides a broad selection of tower server solutions designed for a wide range of applications.

The benefits of a tower server

A tower server delivers simple and efficient business value, with the ability to provide processing power for most common business computing functions. Advantages of a tower server include:

  • Cost-efficiency. Towers deliver a lot of processing power for their cost and represent a highly affordable server option for smaller businesses.
  • Easier cooling. Because tower servers feature a fairly low density of components overall, keeping them cool is much easier than maintaining temperature for server rackmount devices.
  • Simple scalability. As the compute needs of an organization increase, IT staff can easily add additional towers to accommodate increased demand.
  • Upgradable. Tower servers can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded with additional features as needed.
  • Customizable. Towers can be configured as general-purpose servers, web servers, communications servers, network servers, and more.

Tower server solutions from Thinkmate

Since 1986, Thinkmate has been providing custom-built server and storage solutions to customers in many areas of business, education, and government. Our deep technical knowledge combined with our superior customer service and highly competitive prices makes us an ideal partner for customers seeking to solve data center challenges with highly reliable equipment.

Our tower servers are a great match for small businesses that don't require dedicated servers or high-density servers. Designed to deliver industry-leading performance and high data availability, Thinkmate tower servers are optimized for business-critical applications such as email and web servers, networking, databases, and network-attached storage.

Tower servers from Thinkmate provide:

  • 1-5 PCIe slots
  • 4-8 drive bays
  • 1.5 TB of maximum RAM
  • 1-4 processors

In addition to tower servers, Thinkmate offers a wide range of rackmount bay server devices, along with GPU servers, high storage server products, and NAS devices with options for a 1u storage server up to 4U devices.

Building your tower server with Thinkmate's configurator

At Thinkmate, we offer a world-class online quoting and ordering system that has more customizable options for servers than any other system builder on the web. With our configurator, you can quickly and easily build your ideal server and get an immediate quote, seeking help from our expert solution architects along the way if you need assistance to find what you're looking for or to make sure you've got the right product for your requirements.

To configure your tower server, start with a base model based on the platform, CPU sockets, maximum RAM, and type of drives available. Then customize it to your needs by adding or substituting a wide variety of components, from processors and memory cards to hard drives and solid-state drives, along with controller cards, network cards, PCIe cards, operating systems, and software.

Every tower server from Thinkmate comes with a 3-year warranty, with flexible options for upgrading to a 5-year warranty with advanced parts replacement and next business day on-site service.

Thinkmate: Your #1 source for servers, storage and more

When you choose Thinkmate as your source for tower servers, you'll find a great many advantages, including:

  • Outstanding customer service. Everyone at Thinkmate, not just the customer service team, is dedicated to providing the best possible service for our customers. When you contact us by phone or chat for answers to questions, help with configuration or resolution to issues, you'll always find a live person ready to help.
  • USA-made equipment. Thinkmate machines are built in the USA at our state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Highly reliable machines. Our hard-earned reputation for reliability – built on detailed reliability records and our own stress testing protocols – has made us a #1 solutions provider for more than 20 years.
  • Ultra-competitive pricing. We have the same relationships with direct suppliers as the large-scale and brand competitors, enabling us to offer prices that are as good as theirs or better.
  • 100% customization. Every machine built at Thinkmate is customized to the exact needs of the customer's computing environment.

FAQs: What is a tower server?

What is a tower server?

A tower server is the most basic type of computer server and is typically housed in a case that looks similar to a traditional desktop tower PC. Tower servers offer a basic level of performance and are ideal for smaller businesses that don't require dedicated servers or storage rack server solutions.

What are the benefits of a tower server?

A tower server provides robust performance but is simple to manage. As a low-density server, it's easy to keep tower servers cool. Scaling with a tower server is relatively easy, as additional servers can be simply added to the network.

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