NVIDIA TITAN GPU delivers breakthrough PC performance

When developers, researchers, and creators need tools that enable them to work faster and deliver better results, an NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU delivers breakthrough performance. This TITAN GPU is the fastest PC graphics card ever built, providing PCs with 130 Tensor TFLOPs of performance, 576 tensor cores and 24 GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory.

When sourcing workstations with NVIDIA TITAN GPU cards, you'll find 100% customized machines with exceptional quality and highly competitive GPU prices at Thinkmate. As a leading provider of custom-configured servers, storage, and workstation solutions for more than 25 years, we offer a wide range of best-in-class selections to give you as many options as possible.

Features of the NVIDIA TITAN GPU

The NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU is built on NVIDIA's Turing GPU architecture and accelerates AI and ray tracing with the latest Tensor Core and RT core technology. Supported by NVIDIA drivers and SDKs, the TITAN GPU delivers the best PC performance for processing large datasets, training neural networks, and creating ultra-resolution video and 3D content.

This NVIDIA TITAN GPU enables creators, researchers, and developers to:

  • Speed AI development. The NVIDIA TITAN GPU makes it easy to train AI models faster with 576 NVIDIA Turing mixed-precision Tensor Cores delivering 130 TFLOPS of AI performance. The TITAN GPU works with all popular deep learning frameworks and is compatible with NVIDIA GPU Cloud.
  • Accelerate data science. With a TITAN GPU, you can process huge data sets with 24 GB GDDR6 memory (or 48 GB with NVLink) and work faster with 4608 NVIDIA Turing CUDA cores accelerating end-to-end data science workflows.
  • Drive creativity. TITAN GPU lets you create massive, immersive worlds in stunning characters, edit 8K video in real-time and accelerate multi-app workflows. With 24 GB of memory and 72 Turing RT cores delivering 11 Gigarays per second, TITAN GPU delivers the power to take on the most demanding visual projects.
  • Double your memory capacity. The TITAN RTX NVLink™ bridge connects two TITAN RTX cards together over a 100 GB/s interface, doubling of memory capacity to 48 GB to accelerate deep learning, process larger datasets and work with some of the biggest rendering models.

TITAN GPU workstations from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is an innovative provider of an extensive variety of computer solutions. Every Thinkmate machine is customized to meet your specific needs, and our online quoting and ordering system has more customizable options than any other system builder on the web.

With Thinkmate, you get the best workstation GPU configurations specifically designed for scientific, engineering, and graphics-intensive workloads. The unique designs of our workstations include the highest quality components that not only deliver exceptional performance but superior reliability as well. From Gold Level power supplies to energy-saving motherboards and server management technology that optimizes cooling for the most demanding applications, a Thinkmate workstation with an NVIDIA TITAN GPU or another NVIDIA product such as the NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPU delivers the ideal technology platform for high-performance computing.

We also offer a wide range of GPU servers powered by NVIDIA Tesla P100, Tesla V100, or NVIDIA T4 GPU accelerators, and our NVIDIA grid server options are ideal for cloud-based video game streaming.

Configuring the best TITAN GPU workstation

Shopping for GPU-optimized workstations with Thinkmate is easy. Our world-class online configurator lets you start with a base model that meets your needs, choosing from machines that can accommodate up to 4 GPUs, 4 to 8 drive bays, 1 to 2 processors and up to 2 TB of maximum RAM. From that point, you can select from a wide range of components to get the exact processor, memory card, hard drive and/or solid-state drive, controller card, network card, monitor, operating system, and software to meet your needs. You'll also have a choice of GPU accelerators and video cards, including the TITAN GPU as well as other NVIDIA products. As you build your machine, the prices for all components are marked clearly, so you know exactly what your workstation will cost. Along the way, our knowledgeable computer technicians are available by phone to review your selection, answer questions, and make suggestions to ensure you're getting the exact TITAN GPU workstation for your needs.

Why Thinkmate is your best source for a TITAN GPU workstation

Thinkmate provides a wide variety of custom-configured servers, storage and workstations for customers in business, education, and government. For more than 25 years, we have been a premier provider of white box server solutions, thanks to our commitment to exceptional quality, remarkable customer service, and cutting-edge technology. Our customers know they can count on the reliability of Thinkmate machines to deliver lower total cost of ownership and higher ROI throughout the lifecycle of their products. And with strong relationships with direct suppliers – the same companies that provide components to the big name manufacturers – we are able to offer products like TITAN GPU workstations at prices that are highly competitive with or better than our competitors.

FAQs: What is a TITAN GPU?

What is a TITAN GPU?

An NVIDIA TITAN GPU is a graphics card for PC computers that can deliver exceptional PC performance for training neural networks, processing large data sets, and creating ultra-resolution video and 3D content.

What are the advantages of a TITAN GPU?

A TITAN GPU makes it possible to train AI models faster by delivering up to 130 Tflops of AI performance. A TITAN GPU can benefit data science as well, processing huge data sets to accelerate end-to-end data science workflows. And TITAN GPUs enable designers and creative professionals to accelerate multi-app workflows and edit 8K video in real-time.

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