Tesla P100

Accelerate HPC with NVIDIA® Tesla® P100

Artificial intelligence and high-performance computing (HPC) is helping to address many of the world's most important challenges. But because data centers rely on many interconnected commodity compute nodes, they often lack the performance needed to accelerate HPC and AI.

The NVIDIA Tesla P100 solves this problem by leveraging groundbreaking NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU architecture to deliver the world's fastest compute node. Tesla P100 is designed to boost throughput while reducing costs for HPC and hyperscale data centers.

Thinkmate provides a broad range of servers featuring NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerators that can be easily customized and configured to your exact specifications. Combining exceptional reliability, superior quality, and highly competitive pricing, our NVIDIA Tesla P100 servers are also backed by an award-winning 3-year warranty.

NVIDIA Tesla P100 features and benefits

NVIDIA Tesla P100 is powered by four innovative technologies that represent significant leaps in performance for HPC and deep learning workloads.

  • Pascal Architecture delivers more than 21 TeraFLOPS of FP16, 10 TeraFLOPS of FP32, and 5 TeraFLOPS of FP64 performance
  • Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate (COWOS) with HBM2 technology integrates compute and data on the same package for 3X memory performance over the architecture of the previous generation.
  • NVLink Interconnect scales applications across multiple GPUs with a high-speed, bidirectional interconnect for 5X higher performance over current best-in-class technology. With NVIDIA NVLink, up to eight Tesla P100 GPUs can be interconnected in a single node to deliver the same performance as multiple racks of commodity CPU servers, making the P100 a powerful NVIDIA deep learning server.
  • Page Migration Engine provides simpler programming and computing performance tuning to enable applications to scale beyond the GPU's physical memory size to virtually limitless levels.

NVIDIA Tesla P100 servers from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is an innovative provider of an extensive variety of computer solutions, including a wide range of Tesla GPU servers that can accelerate the most demanding HPC, hyperscale, and enterprise data center workloads. Thinkmate Tesla GPU servers generate massively parallel processing power and unrivaled networking flexibility. With two double-wide GPUs or up to 5 expansion slots in a 1U, our Tesla GPU servers deliver performance and quality that are optimized for the most computationally intensive applications.

With Gold Level power supplies, enterprise-class server management, and energy-saving motherboards, Thinkmate Tesla GPU servers optimize cooling for even the most demanding applications to deliver a superior technology platform for GPU supercomputing solutions.

In addition to a Tesla P100 server, you can configure a Tesla V100 or Tesla T4 server with Thinkmate. We also offer the best workstation GPU options, with GPU video and graphics cards such as the TITAN GPU and NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPU. And our NVIDIA grid server options are an excellent choice for cloud-based video game streaming.

Configuring your NVIDIA Tesla P100 server

When you're ready to configure an NVIDIA Tesla P100 server with Thinkmate, simply visit the ‘s GPX server page on our website. You'll find a broad range of options for base platforms, with a choice of form factors from 1U-4U, up to 10 GPUs, up to 24 drive bays, and up to 2 processors.

Once you've selected your base model, you can easily configure it by selecting all the individual components, from a choice of processors and memory cards to hard drives and solid-state drives, controller cards, network cards, PCI cards, operating systems and more. The cost of each item is clearly marked and our configurator provides a running total as you make your decisions, so you'll always have a clear sense of the cost of your machine as you configure it. When you're satisfied with your configuration, simply click "Add To Order" to purchase it, or "Submit For Review" if you need assistance to make sure you've configured the right machine for your specifications.

Why choose a Tesla P100 from Thinkmate?

At Thinkmate, we have been providing custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Customers choose Thinkmate for GPU servers and other machines because they know they can rely on our commitment to quality, our deep technical knowledge, and the exceptional reliability of our machines.

Our team of solution experts is always ready to provide assistance, answer questions, or help you configure the system you need, and your Tesla P100 will be automatically covered by our 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. And because we have direct relationships with our suppliers – the same companies that provide components to the big name manufacturers – we can offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our custom-built machines.

FAQs: What is NVIDIA Tesla P100?

What is NVIDIA Tesla P100?

NVIDIA Tesla P100 is the most advanced data center accelerator ever built. Leveraging the NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU architecture, NVIDIA Tesla P100 delivers the world's fastest compute node and, with NVIDIA NVLink, can deliver up to a 50X performance boost for data center applications.

What is GPU-accelerated computing?

GPU-accelerated computing Is a computer configuration designed to significantly increase the speed with which a computer can process tasks or operations. A GPU, or graphics processing unit, uses a parallel architecture that can simultaneously process much higher volumes of complicated calculations than a CPU, or central processing unit, of a computer. By moving the compute-intensive aspects of applications to the GPU, GPU-accelerated computing enables computers and data centers to dramatically improve performance for compute-intensive processes such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and engineering applications.

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