T4 Server

Drive data center acceleration with an NVIDIA T4 server

IT teams across all industries are realizing the need for a computing platform that can accelerate a wide range of modern AI workloads. The NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU is designed for revolutionary multi-precision performance to accelerate deep learning and machine learning training as well as virtual desktops, inference, and video transcoding. As part of the NVIDIA AI Platform, a T4 server supports all AI frameworks and network types, providing dramatic increases in performance and efficiency to maximize the utility of at-scale deployments.

At Thinkmate, you'll find NVIDIA T4 servers that can be built for the exact requirements of your data center, along with highly competitive pricing, superior customer service, and a 3-year warranty that ensures you can extract maximum value from your investment in T4 technology.

Key features of a T4 server

An NVIDIA T4 server features a GPU with a low-profile, 70-watt design in a small PCIe form factor, allowing it to fit easily into standard data center infrastructure. Powered by NVIDIA Turing™ Tensor Cores, a T4 GPU is optimized for mainstream computing environments and can power breakthrough performance from FP32 to FP16 to INT8 and INT4 precisions, delivering performance up to 40X higher than CPUs.

An NVIDIA T4 server provides:

  • Support for all AI frameworks and network types, with astonishing performance and efficiency that make the T4 GPU the ideal accelerator for distributed computing environments.
  • Real-time, ray-traced rendering for photorealistic objects and environments with physically accurate reflections, shadows, and refractions.
  • Support for virtualized workloads through NVIDIA virtual GPU software.
  • Breakthrough performance for AI video applications, with dedicated hardware transcoding engines that offer double the decoding performance of earlier GPUs.
  • Revolutionary performance at scale when combined with accelerated containerized software stacks from NGC.

T4 servers from Thinkmate

Thinkmate provides a broad range of customized workstation, server, and storage solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries. Since 1986, our commitment to superior customer service and leading-edge technology has made us a #1 white box server solutions provider.

Our T4 servers are part of a broad range of GPU servers, offering accelerated performance for the most demanding HPC, hyperscale and enterprise data center workloads. Ideal for scientific and engineering computing, a T4 server from Thinkmate offers massively parallel processing power and unrivaled networking flexibility for the most computationally intensive applications.

Build your custom T4 server

At Thinkmate, you'll find that our level of customization and our shopping experience is unmatched in the industry. Using the best system configurator available online, you can easily build, cost out, compare, and order a T4 server that will meet the exact requirements of your data center.

Start by choosing a base platform with form factors that range from 1U to 4U. You can order T4 servers with up to 10 GPUs, 24 drive bays, and 2 processors, along with maximum RAM up to 3 TB. You'll also have a choice of M.2 and U.2 NVMe drives as well as options for hard drives and solid-state drives, network cards, PCIe cards, operating systems, and more. As you build your system, you'll notice the price of each component is clearly marked, and you'll see a running total of your configured T4 server at the top the of page.

In addition to a T4 server, you can also configure additional NVIDIA products, including an NVIDIA HGX-2 server platform or RTX server. We offer many other custom workstation, server and storage server products, including vSAN server systems that can radically simplify storage infrastructure and lower TCO by up to 50%.

Why come to Thinkmate for your T4 server?

When you choose a T4 server from Thinkmate, you can count on:

  • Unparalleled quality, thanks to our rigorous quality control and testing protocols.
  • Remarkable reliability enabled by our stress testing protocols and detailed reliability records.
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing, the product of our strong relationship with the same suppliers that are used by the big-name manufacturers, allowing us to offer prices that are the same as or lower than our competitors.
  • USA-made servers and workstations that are built at our state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • A 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.

FAQs: What is a T4 server?

What is a T4 server?

An NVIDIA Tesla T4 server is a universal deep learning accelerator with a low-profile, 70-watt design powered by NVIDIA Turing Tensor Cores. A T4 server offers revolutionary performance that can accelerate modern workloads such as machine learning, deep learning, and virtual desktops.

What are the benefits of a T4 server?

The T4 server can reduce operating costs significantly, thanks to energy efficiency that is 50X higher than CPUs. A T4 server can deliver performance that is 9.3X higher than CPUs on training and up to 36X on inference. And a T4 server with NVIDIA RTX technology enables real-time ray-traced rendering and supports virtualized workloads with NVIDIA virtual GPU software.

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