Offering organizations the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and performance, Supermicro SuperServer solutions are the platform of choice for enterprise and web servers, cloud data centers, and supercomputing clusters around the world. By working with today’s leading chipmakers and component manufacturers, Super Micro continues to be first-to-market with server products integrating the latest technologies and computing innovation, providing IT shops with the capabilities they need to handle tomorrow’s data-driven demands.

Supermicro’s extensive portfolio of versatile, cost-effective SuperServer solutions makes it easy to find and configure the best platform for your needs. And Supermicro’s commitment to green computing ensures that no matter what Supermicro system you choose, you’ll be saving on energy-related costs.

Flexible, Energy-Efficient SuperServer Solutions from Supermicro

At Thinkmate, a leader in the server solutions industry for over twenty years, we know that Supermicro is as dedicated to quality and innovation as we are. This is why we configure, test, and ship for our customers the widest variety of application-optimized SuperServer products—ranging from superfast 1U rackmount servers to high-density MicroCloud systems.

Incorporating robust components and cutting-edge processing, storage, and network technologies, SuperServers are built to deliver the superior performance and reliability your mission-critical applications require. Further, Supermicro servers are designed to be flexible, enabling users to fine tune and optimize systems to their exact specifications. And our online configurator for SuperServer solutions offers you more options than anywhere else on the net, letting you customize your system in accordance with your organization’s unique workload requirements.

Another benefit of SuperServer products is their remarkable energy efficiency, helping IT shops reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their servers without having to sacrifice performance. Featuring low-voltage components, advanced thermal designs, and highly effective cooling technologies, Supermicro SuperServer solutions consume less energy—delivering the industry’s best performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar.

GPU-Optimized SuperServer Solutions: Greening the Future of Supercomputing

Leveraging their expertise in maximizing compute density and power efficiency, Supermicro has also developed a line of innovative GPU-optimized server solutions that are “greening” the future of enterprise-class supercomputing. Featuring unparalleled system GPU density, non-blocking GPU layouts, and high-efficiency power supplies, Supermicro GPU SuperServers provide optimal accelerator performance—generating massive parallel processing power at a fraction of the cost and power consumption of CPU-only servers.

The 4U FatTwin GPU rackmount server lets you dramatically accelerate the performance of your most computationally-intensive applications, offering the following key advantages:

  • Industry-leading density and performance: Packs up to twelve accelerators, up to eight Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 CPUs, and up to 1TB of DDR3 memory in a four-node system
  • Configuration flexibility: Supports NVIDIA® Tesla and GRID GPUs as well as x86-based Intel® Xeon Phi™ co-processors in two-node and four-node system configurations
  • Reduced TCO: Achieves superior heat dissipation through its highly effective shared cooling architecture, allowing the server to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 47°C

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