Supermicro Twin

Working diligently to respond to the needs of the business and users for greater capacity and computing performance—deployed quickly and within budget—data center managers seek out infrastructure technologies like the Supermicro Twin that help boost scalability while improving operational efficiency. Supermicro Twin Super Server solutions are part of a new generation of high-density infrastructure systems engineered for cost-effective deployment in demanding environments. Available in various node configurations and form factors, Supermicro Twin Super Servers are suitable for applications ranging from cloud-based services to quantum chemistry and can be easily configured to meet your particular needs and usage model.

Supermicro Twin Servers: Application-Optimized Solutions for the Green Data Center

Optimized for enterprise IT applications, data centers, and high-performance and cloud-computing environments, Supermicro’s twin server platforms are cost-effective rackmount systems, which have been designed to maximize density and processing power while reducing energy consumption.

Leveraging Supermicro’s patented Twin architecture and cutting-edge CPU and interconnect technologies, Supermicro Twin solutions allow you to achieve superior computing performance and breakthrough data throughput speeds in a compact, high-efficiency form factor. Through the use of shared components, these innovative Super Micro servers can help you conserve space and improve power utilization in the data center, helping streamline maintenance and lower your total cost of ownership. In fact, when compared to other top tier 1U servers, Supermicro Twin products boast the highest-performance-per-watt and highest-performance-per-dollar in the industry.

Supermicro Twin Solutions Configured by Thinkmate: Versatile Server Platforms for Future-Proof Data Centers

Thinkmate, a leader in the custom server solutions industry for over 20 years, offers the best selection of high-performance server products and the broadest spectrum of Supermicro Twin products. The following Supermicro Twin server solutions ship with on-board IPMI 2.0-compatible remote server management tools and feature hot-swappable compute nodes, enabling downtime-free maintenance:

  • 1U Twin (2-node): This space-saving, high-density Supermicro Twin server supports up to 16 processing cores, ten drive bays, and 1TB of registered ECC memory and is an excellent solution for HPC clusters, web servers, and other high-availability applications.
  • 2U Twin (2-node): The 2U Twin features x16 non-blocking native PCI-E 2.0 processor connectivity, redundant, gold-level power supplies, support for up to twelve 3.5-inch hot-swap SATA drives and networking options such as onboard DDR or QDR Infiniband.
  • Supermicro Twin2. For the Twin2, Supermicro builds on its successful 1U twin technology, placing four nodes in a 2U form factor. Optimized for space- and power-efficiency, it supports up to eight processors, 24 drive bays, and up to 2TB DDR3 registered ECC memory.
  • Supermicro Twin Pro. Offering built-in 12 GB/s SAS 3.0 controllers, NVMe support and optional QDR or FDR Infiniband, the 2-node TwinPro and 4-node TwinPro2 enable you to future-proof your infrastructure with the latest high-performance networking and storage technologies.

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