Supermicro Thunderbolt

Get more speed with a Supermicro Thunderbolt PCIe adapter

Thunderbolt™ is the fastest and most versatile way to transfer data to and from a PC. Developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple, Thunderbolt provides a single connection that can accommodate data, video, audio, and power while enabling high-speed connection for hard drives, RAID arrays, network interfaces, and high-definition video.

When you want to add the power of Thunderbolt technology to your Supermicro computer, a Supermicro Thunderbolt PCIe adapter from Thinkmate provides a fast and affordable solution.

What is Supermicro Thunderbolt?

Initially introduced in 2009, Thunderbolt technology has evolved to become one of the most powerful and most used hardware interfaces for workstations, laptops, mobile devices, and peripherals.

With transfer speeds up to 20 Gbps, Thunderbolt enables a high-definition movie to be transferred in less than 30 seconds, for a year's worth of continuous MP3 playback to be backed up in a little more than 10 minutes, and for movies, TV shows, music and photos to be synced and backed up at blazingly fast speeds. Additionally, Thunderbolt supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices through a single compact port, and expands computing capability by enabling a simple daisy chain connection for up to six devices.

Supermicro is a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology, and innovation. Deep relationships with leading semiconductor manufacturers ensure that Supermicro products are built with cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of tomorrow's data-driven business world.

The Supermicro Thunderbolt PCIe adapter enables organizations and users to take advantage of Thunderbolt in new or existing Supermicro workstations. The Supermicro Thunderbolt add-on card plugs into a PCIe 2.0 x4 slot, quickly and easily adding the speed of Thunderbolt to a Supermicro device.

Supermicro Thunderbolt workstations from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been providing custom configured workstation, server and storage solutions for more than 25 years. Our customers in business, education, and government rely on our deep technical knowledge and our broad range of products as they seek the provision of equipment with exceptional reliability, outstanding support, and highly competitive pricing.

Thinkmate builds Supermicro workstations that combine high-performance computing power with the visualization capability of powerful GPUs to deliver a workstation with the tools that business professionals need to improve the performance of applications, accelerate demanding workflows, and improve efficiency.

Our wide range of Supermicro workstations includes options for the Supermicro Thunderbolt PCIe adapter, adding even greater speed to a workstation that is already primed for advanced performance.

Configuring a workstation with a Supermicro Thunderbolt PCIe

Our world-class configurator enables you to quickly and easily build and customize a workstation with a Supermicro Thunderbolt PCIe adapter. In fact, every machine that's built by Thinkmate is 100% customized for the needs of a customer's environment.

To build your system, you can start with one of our base model Supermicro SuperWorkstations featuring a variety of processors, GPU accelerators, and options for maximum RAM and drives. Then you can customize your choice by selecting from an extensive list of components, including processors, memory, M.2 drives, hard drives and solid-state drives, video cards, network cards, peripherals, and more.

The price of each component is clearly identified, enabling you to build your workstation while being mindful of your budget. As you make additions and subtractions to your machine, the changes are reflected in the total configured price displayed at the top of the page.

Once you've finished your build, you can click Add To Order to purchase the system or you can submit it for review by our expert solution architects to make sure that your configuration is in order and that your machine will be built to meet all of your computing needs.

In addition to a Supermicro Thunderbolt workstation, you'll find plenty of options at Thinkmate for a Supermicro Atom server or other server types.

Why build your Supermicro Thunderbolt workstation with Thinkmate?

When you choose data center servers and storage systems from Thinkmate, you can rely on:

  • A 3-year warranty on your Thinkmate equipment with advanced parts replacement.
  • Machines that are made in the USA, assembled and tested at our own facility in Massachusetts.
  • 100% customization of every machine you order.
  • Our reputation for reliability, based on detailed reliability records and our own stress testing protocols.
  • Exceptional value, thanks to our strong relationships with direct suppliers that enable us to provide ultra-competitive pricing.
  • A commitment to superior quality that has made us a #1 server solutions provider for more than 25 years.

FAQs: What is a Supermicro Thunderbolt workstation?

What is Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt is the fastest way to transfer data to and from a computer. Developed by Intel and Apple, a Thunderbolt connection provides transfer speeds up to 20 Gbps and high-speed connectivity for up to six peripherals, including hard drives, network interfaces, and high-definition video.

What is a Supermicro Thunderbolt workstation?

A Supermicro Thunderbolt workstation is a PC computer built by Supermicro that includes a Thunderbolt PCIe adapter.

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