Supermicro Storage Server

Supermicro produces class-leading servers for high performance, high density, and high capacity requirements. This includes superior storage servers for high workload performance and bulk storage applications such as Big Data, cloud computing, analytics, and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). Supermicro storage server solutions are easily configurable and deployable for enterprises of all sizes.

Supermicro Storage Server Solutions for Enterprises

Storage servers from Supermicro come as rack solutions for ease-of-deployment on-premise in business offices or in data centers. Supermicro SuperStorage servers are high density storage servers available in a wide range of configurations to fulfill the storage requirements of enterprises of all sizes. Supermicro also offers a Cluster-in-a-Box storage solution known as the SuperStorage Bridge Bay products.

Supermicro SuperStorage configurations are available in 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U sizes. Each Supermicro storage server comes with redundant high efficiency power supplies and support Intel® Xeon® processors. Up to seventy-two hot-swappable 3.5” SAS/SATA drives can be configured in a 4U chassis. Drives can be high speed hard disks or solid-state with support for 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s throughput. For even higher density, two Supermicro storage server nodes can be configured into SuperStorage 2U and 3U chassis. These configurations enable additional cost savings in server rack real estate.

Supermicro SuperStorage Bridge Bay products are a clustered server solution for fault tolerant storage. SuperStorage Bridge Bay configurations come in 2U and 3U chassis, and each chassis contains two fully redundant Supermicro storage server nodes. Each node is configured with dual Intel® Xeon® processors resulting in four processors per two-node chassis. The 2U configuration is installed with 20TB of tiered hard disk or solid state drive storage with an additional 384TB available using JBOD expansion units. The 3U configuration comes with 32TB of hard disk storage, and an additional 384TB is available using JBOD expansion units. All drives are hot-swappable as are storage controllers and power supplies. Each SuperStorage Bridge Bay configuration is pre-installed with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard which implements features like enhanced failover clustering, data deduplication, and NIC teaming.

Supermicro Storage Server Solutions are Available From Thinkmate

Supermicro SuperStorage servers and SuperStorage Bridge Bay products are available from Thinkmate, the custom systems builder of choice for leading businesses and scientific institutions. As the premier supplier of Supermicro products and server solutions, Thinkmate delivers unrivaled 24-hour customer support and a 3-year warranty (with advance parts support) for each Supermicro storage server solution purchased from us. Systems can be pre-configured and purchased through Thinkmate’s website. Custom configurations can also be requested. Thinkmate’s in-house engineers ensure that each custom configuration fulfills customer requirements through expert knowledge, in-depth experience, and thorough testing.

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