Supermicro Servers

As IT managers struggle to handle the growing demand for services and cope with rising energy costs in the data center, more organizations are choosing cost-effective Supermicro servers to improve the scalability, performance, and energy-efficiency of their infrastructures. Featuring hot-swap server nodes, power-saving components and technologies, and resource-optimized architectures, Supermicro servers are easy to maintain and provide the level of resource utilization necessary for achieving a sustainable yet competitive data center. In addition to their advanced capabilities and lower power consumption, the superior reliability and serviceability of Supermicro servers makes them the ideal solution for enterprise and cloud data center customers looking to reduce TCO without sacrificing performance and availability.

Supermicro Servers: Flexible, Eco-Friendly, High-Capacity Computing Solutions

Supermicro servers are available in a wide variety of system architectures and form factors and with numerous component options from which to choose, allowing you to customize and rapidly deploy each Super Server in accordance with your particular application requirements. This enables your organization to more efficiently build and manage application-optimized infrastructures and respond to fluctuating performance and capacity needs. Moreover, Supermicro servers are engineered to reduce energy consumption through the use of enhanced thermal designs, high-efficiency power supplies, and optimized cooling subsystems. By integrating greater functionality into each product, Supermicro has created one of the most cost-effective and eco-conscious lines of advanced server solutions on the market today.

Optimized for cloud computing, web hosting, and other scale-out applications with virtualization, the MicroCloud series of energy-efficient Supermicro servers provides Thinkmate customers with significant benefits including:

  • High density. Packing eight, twelve, or twenty-four UP nodes and up to 1.5 TB of ECC RAM into a compact 3U rack mount chassis, the MicroCloud offers breakthrough performance and exceptional memory capacity in a space-saving form factor.
  • Quick deployment. Conveniently prepopulated with your choice of processors, memory, hot-swap storage drives, and other robust components, the MicroCloud modular server system can be deployed rapidly and at a reasonable acquisition cost.
  • Flexible design. MicroCloud Super Servers feature excellent expansion capabilities and support for a wide selection of CPUs and network connectivity options, letting users align their servers’ characteristics with their current and future requirements.

Future-Proof Supermicro Servers: Next-Generation Twin Solutions for Next-Generation Data Loads

For next-generation data loads and tomorrow’s HPC and cloud environments, Thinkmate recommends the Supermicro Twin Pro series of Supermicro Servers. Built on Supermicro’s innovative, resource-optimized 2U twin architecture, these next-generation Supermicro twin solutions give you access to the fastest storage and network technologies available. Onboard 12Gbps SAS 3.0 controllers and NVMe support enable accelerated storage I/O performance while optional FDR InfiniBand connectivity offers you maximum network bandwidth and minimal latency. Learn more about these and other high-performance Supermicro Servers at the Thinkmate Supermicro Store, where you’ll be able to customize and purchase the best system for your needs. As a leading Supermicro builder and distributor, you can count on Thinkmate for expert advice, exceptional customer service, and industry-best warranty terms.

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