Supermicro GPU

Professionals at research institutions, universities, and enterprises are now taking advantage of GPU computing to intelligently scale their applications and to accelerate graphics- and compute-intensive workflows. Supermicro GPU high-performance servers and workstations are helping them do this in the most cost-effective and “green” way possible.

Boasting compact form factors and energy-efficient architectures, GPU-enabled Supermicro SuperServer® and SuperWorkstation® solutions offer breakthrough parallel processing performance, superior reliability, and excellent efficiency for mission-critical applications. Featuring the highest GPU density in the industry and advanced power-saving technologies, Supermicro GPU solutions give organizations the supercomputing platforms they need to support HPC environments—and keep energy costs low—while providing knowledge workers with the hardware and tools they need to leverage the full capabilities of their applications.

Supercomputing at Your Desk: Supermicro GPU Workstations Built by Thinkmate

For professionals in demanding industries, Supermicro GPU workstations are an ideal solution for those using CUDA-compatible applications and working with digital media, massive data sets, or large, complex models and calculations. Optimized for tasks such as video editing, software development, and scientific research, Super Micro GPU workstations feature a robust server-grade design for dependable 24/7 operation.

With support for dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 CPUs and up to 4 NVIDIA® Tesla® or Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, Supermicro GPU workstations are the perfect platform for harnessing the power of multi-GPU technology. By combining NVIDIA Quadro® and Kepler-based Tesla® cards, users can easily increase the visualization and computing performance of their systems and applications, streamline time-consuming workflows—and do more than ever before with a single workstation.

You can view and configure our full line of Thinkmate-built and supported Supermicro workstation solutions, ranging from economical entry-level systems to ultimate processing workhorses featuring hyper-speed circuitry, through our convenient online ordering system.

Supercomputing for the Data Center: Supermicro GPU SuperServers Built by Thinkmate

Suitable for the most computationally intensive applications including medical imaging, financial simulation and astrophysics, Thinkmate-configured Supermicro GPU server solutions offer unparalleled GPU system density—supporting up to 20 GPUs in a 7U form factor—and industry-leading platinum-level power efficiency.

With Supermicro GPU rack mount and tower servers, organizations can achieve supercomputing performance at a fraction of the cost and power consumption of traditional CPU-only servers. Featuring application-optimized system designs and easy-to-deploy form factors, Supermicro GPU rack servers are available in a variety of configurations and offer the following advantages:

  • Innovative direct GPU connect architecture: Direct PCI Express 3.0 non-blocking connectivity for each GPU ensures maximum bandwidth and improves availability and airflow.
  • Best performance per watt: High-efficiency motherboards, advanced thermal management capabilities, and gold level power supplies help maximize performance while reducing TCO.
  • Enterprise-class server management: Smart IPMI 2.0-compatible remote server management tools allow you to monitor and manage the health of your GPU rack over dedicated LAN.

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