Supermicro 1U Server

Supermicro’s standard 1U server, available from Thinkmate, has the smallest footprint in Supermicro’s SuperServer® range of rack mount servers. A Supermicro 1U server is a complete computer server in a 1U chassis that fits in industry-standard 42U racks. It offers the industry’s best price to performance ratio in 1U size. With Thinkmate’s competitive pricing and the excellent energy efficiency of Supermicro 1U server, organizations that deploy it will experience reduced total cost of ownership compared to other 1U servers.

Advantages of Deploying a Supermicro 1U Server

A Supermicro 1U server is a workhorse for daily business tasks. Its size and cost make it ideal for use by businesses who host their own websites or as the basic building block in data centers. It has many advantages over other 1U servers in the market.

A Supermicro 1U server is available in over one hundred configurations from Thinkmate. Processor options include Intel® Atom™, Intel® Core™ i3 and i5, Intel® Xeon®, and AMD Opteron™ CPUs. Several configurations have dual CPUs while others have four CPUs. GPU-optimized configurations are also available incorporating up to three Intel® Xeon Phi™, Nvidia® Tesla™, and Nvidia® GRID™ GPUs. The maximum amount of memory supported is 1TB, and up to 12 drives can be configured. Thinkmate’s ability to build such a wide array of 1U configurations allows customers to easily find a server solution to fit their requirements. For example, a configuration with 12 drives can be used to build 1U storage servers.

Most Supermicro 1U server configurations from Thinkmate come with high efficiency redundant power supplies. The redundant power supply units enable each server to be highly available and reliable. The power supply units are also highly efficient running above 90% efficiency.

Each Supermicro 1U server from Thinkmate comes with a 3-year limited warranty with 24-hour server support. Customers can be assured that their Supermicro 1U servers have minimal or no downtime.

Why Buy a Supermicro 1U Server from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is the premier white box server solutions provider in the industry with over twenty years of experience supplying to enterprises, education and research institutions, and government. We employ in-house hardware and software engineers in systems design, testing, and manufacturing to ensure that each product we sell is of the highest quality.

In addition to our own custom configurable products, we configure, sell, and support a full range of Supermicro servers including the Supermicro 1U server. Our strong technology partner relationship with Supermicro enables us to be consistently first-to-market with the latest technology. Our large volume sales and customer breadth are a testament to our superior pre and post-sales customer service. With advance parts availability, we can fulfill warranty claims very quickly. When you buy a Supermicro server from us, you can be assured that you getting the best possible Supermicro experience, from selection to sales and support.

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