Supermicro, a global leader in advanced server technology and green computing innovation, offers today’s IT managers an array of reliable, performance-optimized, and remarkably energy-efficient computing systems. Supermicro workstation, server, and storage products are designed for simplified configuration and engineered to reduce power consumption and TCO, making them the perfect solution for large-scale enterprise and cloud data center infrastructures. Supermicro’s high-efficiency server Building Block Solutions® enable organizations to rapidly and cost-effectively adapt to fluctuating demands for increased performance, capacity and availability in the data center while complying with energy efficiency initiatives.

The Supermicro Advantage: Computing Solutions Optimized for Your Applications, Your Data Center, and Your Budget

One of the many benefits of Supermicro solutions is the flexibility and variety of their product configurations. Supermicro’s unrivaled selection of modular, interoperable systems, extensive product options, and expansion capabilities allow customers to configure each system to meet their particular infrastructure requirements while building in scalability to accommodate future needs. Leveraging the latest CPU, storage and parallel processing technologies, Supermicro creates application-optimized yet versatile computing products that deliver not only excellent performance but also superior resource utilization.

Raising industry standards for server performance, density and power efficiency, Supermicro is committed to resource optimization and green-minded IT efforts. In addition to their airflow-optimized motherboard designs and highly effective cooling technologies, Supermicro uses high-efficiency PSUs and unique resource sharing architectures, such as those featured in their twin rack mount servers. And by integrating more advanced capabilities into each and every product, Supermicro provides its customers with the most cost-effective solutions to support demanding workloads and maximize ROI.

High-Density, High-Performance Supermicro Server Platforms from Thinkmate

As Supermicro continues to develop its green computing technologies and architect game-changing computing systems, Thinkmate continues to be the number one source for Supermicro’s best products including the extreme-density MicroBlade and the UltraServer, their newest generation of SuperServers. Via our convenient online ordering portal and Supermicro Store, you can choose, customize, and purchase the following SuperServer® solutions along with many other innovative, high-performance computing products built, tested, and delivered by Thinkmate:

  • MicroCloud. Optimized for web hosting, content delivery, Web 2.0 and other scale-out applications, this high-density rack mount server packs 8, 12, or 24 UP nodes into a compact 3U chassis—an ideal solution for both HPC and hyperscale data centers.
  • UltraServer. Powered by X10, the latest Supermicro server platform, these 1U and 2U enterprise servers provide excellent performance and scalability, boasting powerful Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors and best-in-class expansion density.
  • GPU Solutions. Featuring Supermicro’s non-blocking GPU system architecture, these supercomputing systems offer massive parallel processing power and are suitable for medical imaging, CAE, and other computationally-intensive tasks.

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