Super Servers

Engineered to deliver the highest performance-per-watt in the industry, Super Servers are used in the most demanding environments including enterprise and cloud data centers and high-performance computing clusters. Because of their efficiency, flexibility, and proven superior quality, Supermicro Super Servers are the preferred platform of organizations seeking to maximize return on their IT investments. Available in customizable rack mount and tower form factors, Super Server solutions can be configured to meet your unique application and infrastructure requirements.

Super Servers incorporate the latest advancements in computing technology and green innovation to provide users with the capabilities they need to support tomorrow’s data-driven workloads while reducing energy consumption—and their carbon footprint.

X10 Haswell-Based Super Servers: A New Generation of High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Server Solutions from Supermicro

Achieving performance gains of up to 86%, the newest generation of Super Micro Servers, workstations, and storage solutions are built on Supermicro’s X10 server platform, which supports Intel® Xeon® E5-1600/2600 v3 series processors—powerful, versatile CPUs based on the Haswell EP design, offering up to 18 cores per socket and next-generation DDR4 memory support. Haswell-based X10 Super Servers offer industry-leading performance, efficiency, and scalability and feature:

  • Application-optimized designs: Choose from a variety of form factors and configurations including GPU/Xeon-Phi Super Servers for supercomputing workloads and Ultra Server solutions for cloud computing and high-end enterprise applications.
  • Cutting-edge memory and storage technologies: Leverage up to 1.5 TB of DDR4 memory and advanced storage technologies such as SAS 3.0 12 Gb/s controllers and NVM Express (NVMe) PCI-e SSDs for accelerated storage performance.
  • Enhanced cooling architectures: Realize even greater energy efficiency and reduced TCO through the use of upgraded thermal designs and fans, unique air shrouds, and titanium-level, high-efficiency digital switching power supplies.

High-Density Twin Super Servers for Cloud, HPC, and Enterprise Data Center Environments

At Thinkmate, we carry an extensive selection of Supermicro Super Servers—all fully customizable via our convenient online configurator. And should you need any additional information or assistance, our expert solution architects are ready to help you find and optimize the best Supermicro system for your particular applications.

For enterprise data center, HPC, and cloud workloads, we recommend the Supermicro Twin series of high-density, resource-optimized Super Servers featuring Supermicro’s innovative Twin architecture. Packing up to eight CPUs and 24 SAS/SATA drives in a four-node system, the Supermicro Twin2 offers exceptional performance and capacity in a compact 2U chassis. Hot-swappable nodes, drives, and power supplies simplify maintenance and minimize downtime while the use of shared resources enables greater energy savings. And for superfast networking connectivity, the Twin2 Super Server supports optional onboard 40 Gb/s QDR or 56 Gb/s FDR Infiniband.

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