Super Server

Super Server solutions are a comprehensive line of rack mount and tower servers from Supermicro, a global leader in high-performance server technology and green computing innovation. Super Servers are the platform of choice for high-performance computing clusters, enterprise data centers, and other demanding deployments and are just one category of Supermicro’s larger portfolio of Server Building Block Solutions, which includes blade servers, high-capacity storage systems and PC workstation products. Featuring innovative product designs, Super Server solutions are engineered to deliver superior energy-efficiency and the best price/performance ratio in the industry.

Super Server: First-to-Market Computing Solutions for the Green Data Center

At Thinkmate, we configure and ship an extensive selection of Supermicro SuperServer products including the MicroCloud and the Ultra Server, Supermicro’s newest enterprise Super Server solution. These systems provide customers with the powerful yet energy-efficient server solutions they need to reduce TCO without sacrificing performance or reliability.

For the Super Server product line, Supermicro uses advanced power-saving components such as low-voltage processors and high-efficiency digital switching power supplies, and incorporates airflow-optimized system architectures. In this way, every Supermicro system is designed to consume less energy, enabling enterprises to cost-effectively green the data center. In addition to boosting power efficiency, Super Server solutions supply a number of significant benefits:

  • Design flexibility. Supermicro’s use of modular components, universal add-on cards, and highly flexible system designs allow you to configure and customize each Super Server according to your particular application requirements and usage environment.
  • Cutting-edge storage and networking capabilities. With Super Server systems, you can leverage the latest high-performance storage and networking technologies, such as NVM Express (NVMe) flash storage and FDR 56 Gb/s InfiniBand connectivity.
  • Onboard IPMI 2.0 server management. Super Servers provide convenient, secure remote management capabilities through an onboard BMC. Monitor server status, control fan speed, receive automated alarms, and more—via LAN, Virtual Media, or KVM.

Resource-Optimized, Energy-Efficient Twin Super Server Solutions

For our customers demanding the highest levels of system efficiency and resource optimization, we carry a wide range of Supermicro Twin SuperServer solutions. Built on Supermicro’s patented Twin architecture, these highly reliable, cost-effective systems utilize shared power and cooling components and are suitable for HPC, enterprise data center, and cloud computing applications:

  • Supermicro 2U Twin2. Packing four hot-swap compute nodes and up to 24 drive bays in a compact 2U chassis with high-efficiency power modules, the Supermicro Twin2 offers exceptional storage capacity and achieves best-in-class x86 server performance-per-watt.
  • Supermicro Twin Pro/Twin Pro2. The first servers on the market integrating onboard SAS 3.0 12 Gb/s controllers and NVMe storage support, Supermicro’s Twin Pro servers are an excellent solution for the most competitive industries and challenging environments.
  • Supermicro FatTwin. The most versatile Super Server system, the Supermicro FatTwin comes in a variety of multi-node configurations and is equipped with a unique cooling architecture enabling superior heat dissipation and allowing for operation in temperatures of up to 47°C.

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