Super Micro Servers

Integrating the latest CPU, RAM, storage and parallel processing technologies in high-density modular systems, Super Micro Servers offer IT organizations cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for improving the performance and scalability of their infrastructure while enhancing resource utilization. Available in a variety of configurations and form factors, Super Micro Super Servers can be customized to suit your current and future needs while letting you leverage existing infrastructure. And because Supermicro is committed to green computing, every Supermicro system is designed with power-efficient components and cooling-optimized architectures that help reduce energy consumption and TCO.

Why More Organizations Choose Super Micro Servers

Setting higher standards in the industry for server density, performance, and energy efficiency, Supermicro develops highly integrated, versatile computing platforms that support a wide range of mission-critical applications. Used in web hosting and cloud data centers, supercomputing clusters, and other complex server installations around the world, Super Micro Servers are chosen by more enterprises because of their flexibility, reliability, and ease of deployment. Confronting budget limitations and fluctuating demands for server resources, IT managers are discovering that installing power-efficient Super Micro Servers is the easiest way to build out an agile, cost-effective data center.

By offering unrivalled product functionality and making it possible for customers to configure each system to meet their unique IT requirements, Super Micro Servers allow users to maximize infrastructure ROI. Moreover, in prioritizing design flexibility and resource optimization, Supermicro continues to be consistently first-to-market with innovative technologies and server architectures like the MicroCloud and the FatTwin™, their pace-setting Supermicro Twin server solution.

Energy-Efficient Super Micro Servers for HPC, Enterprise, and Cloud Data Centers

Thinkmate, a leader in the server solutions industry for over two decades, configures, tests, and ships an extensive selection of energy-efficient, performance-optimized Super Micro Servers including the MicroCloud and Supermicro Twin Pro.

For the MicroCloud, a series of high-density rack mount servers optimized for cloud computing, HPC, and other demanding applications, Supermicro packs eight, twelve, or twenty-four modular servers into a compact 3U chassis—letting users conserve valuable space in the data center without sacrificing performance. Independently operating hot-plug nodes simplify maintenance, and the use of redundant, high-efficiency power supplies enhances system availability. The latest X10-based MicroCloud supports Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 series processors and up to 128 GB of DDR4 ECC memory per node.

Supermicro’s TwinPro Super Micro Servers, on the other hand, are a great choice for future-proofing high-end enterprise data centers. Featuring built-in 12 Gbps SAS 3.0 controllers, NVMe storage support, and optional Infiniband connectivity, the 2U TwinPro boasts not only industry-leading thermal and energy efficiencies but also best-in-class storage performance and networking capabilities—making it one of the most advanced and complete data center solutions on the market today.

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