Super Micro

Responding to users’ demands for greater computing performance and service availability and business demands for lower OPEX, IT managers seek affordable infrastructural solutions to support today’s demanding applications and help mitigate rising energy costs. Recognizing this need for high-performance, power-saving infrastructure solutions, Super Micro Computer, Inc., a leader in green computing innovation, has developed a broad portfolio of powerful, application-optimized computing products designed to consume less energy.

Leveraging award-winning server architectures and cutting-edge CPU, storage, and parallel processing technologies, Super Micro has been first-to-market with energy-efficient HPC solutions including their high-density, resource-optimized FatTwin® line of SuperServers. And Super Micro continues to create and deliver sophisticated products that organizations can use to build sustainable, scalable, and profitable infrastructures.

Super Micro Computing Innovation: Greening IT One Server at a Time

Providing their innovative server designs and technical expertise to green supercomputing projects like Japan’s Tsubame-KFC supercomputer, which topped the Green500 in 2012 and 2013, Super Micro demonstrates its commitment to green IT around the world. In engineering its SuperServer® and SuperStorage systems to achieve superior energy efficiency and a lower TCO, Super Micro utilizes:

  • High-efficiency power modules including the latest platinum- and titanium-level PSUs, which have been rated at 95%+ and 96%+ efficiency
  • Highly effective cooling subsystems featuring advanced heat sinks, pulse-width modulated fan speed controls, and intelligent temperature and power management
  • Airflow-optimized board and chassis designs developed to work with the latest low-voltage components and cooling technologies for maximum thermal efficiency

For their versatile FatTwin™ rack mount servers, Super Micro combines a shared power and cooling architecture with powerful processing and storage capabilities to create a 4U server supplying the highest performance-per-watt in the industry. Available in two, four, or eight node configurations, the FatTwin rack server supports a variety of hard drive technologies, memory capacities, PCI expansion slots, and networking options, allowing you to configure each system to your exact specifications.

Super Micro and Thinkmate: Dedicated to Customer-Driven Product Design and Superior Service

What sets Super Micro apart from competitors is the company’s dedication not only to the greening of IT but to the needs of its customers for flexible, cost-effective computing solutions. By offering an unrivalled selection of products with numerous expandability options and by integrating greater functionality into each system, Super Micro enables its customers to achieve superior application and resource optimization.

Thinkmate, a server solutions provider trusted by the world’s top companies and institutions, configures and ships Supermicro’s many great solutions including the compact, high-density MicroCloud server and their GPU-ready Supermicro workstation products—all customizable via our convenient online ordering system. We are a long-established Supermicro distributor known for outstanding customer service and superior warranty terms.

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