Storage Systems

Custom storage systems from Thinkmate are powerful yet flexible storage platforms that enable IT departments to provide their end users and the business with a higher level of service. Allowing organizations to deploy the most suitable resources for their applications rapidly and efficiently, our storage systems make building and improving the scalability and performance of storage infrastructures simpler. With solutions ranging from low-cost, high-capacity storage servers for the cloud to high-performance storage systems for I/O-intensive workflows, our product portfolio gives you the selection you need to find the best mix of capabilities for your workload and the best storage system for your enterprise.

Reliable, Capacity-Optimized Storage Systems for High-Availability Deployments

As data repositories balloon and data lifecycle management becomes increasingly critical for organizations in every industry, we’re seeing a sharp rise in the demand for robust nearline storage solutions. Optimized for business-critical nearline workloads, our STX-NL line of storage systems offer the perfect balance of performance, capacity, and reliability. Suitable for RAID arrays, enterprise data warehousing and mining, and other high-availability deployments, Thinkmate STX-NL storage systems can be connected to your existing storage area network, giving you up to 288 TB of additional storage capacity per 4U rack mount server.

Available in a variety of form factors and configurations, these highly reliable, versatile storage systems feature redundant power supplies and support for:

  • Single-, dual-, or quad-socket processing platforms including Haswell-based Intel® Xeon E5-1600/2600 v3 and AMD Opteron 6300 CPUs
  • 7200 RPM hard drives in capacities of up to 8 TB and SSDs in capacities of up to 1.6 TB—both available in SATA or SAS storage interfaces
  • Onboard dual or quad Intel Gigabit or dual or quad Intel 10-Gigabit Ethernet plus a wide range of optional network adapters
  • Cutting-edge PCIe flash storage devices such as Fusion-io ioScale and ioDrive2 SSD cards and NVM Express solid state add-on cards

Cost-Effective JBOD Storage Systems for Non-Disruptive Storage Capacity Expansion

Another type of enterprise storage product in high demand is the JBOD storage expansion unit. One of the most economical storage solutions on the market today, JBOD expansion units are used by organizations to consolidate archives or backup data from primary storage systems or expand capacity on an existing network storage system in the most cost-effective, non-disruptive way possible.

Easy to set up and configure, Thinkmate JBOD storage systems offer superior capacity utilization and expandability, letting you provision resources as you need them. Equipped with redundant power supplies and onboard SAS 2.0 6 Gb/s or SAS 3.0 12 Gb/s expanders, our JBOD units support up to 90 3.5-inch SAS/SATA hard drives or 2.5-inch SAS/SATA solid state drives in a 4U—for a total capacity of up to 720 TB per unit.

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