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Facing massive growth in unstructured data stores and the rapid evolution of business-critical applications, IT professionals are leveraging new products and technologies to improve the enterprise storage system—storage solutions that enable them to deliver greater performance, scalability, and value to the business.

Thinkmate, a leader in the custom server solutions industry for over two decades, has developed a broad portfolio of advanced storage solutions that give you access to the latest innovations in server technology and the highest quality components in the industry. Our versatile product lines and flexible designs allow you to configure and optimize your storage system for your specific workloads. Whatever your storage challenge—whether it’s expanding the capacity of an existing storage system or overcoming bottlenecks in your network storage environment—we can help you find and customize the right storage solution for your needs.

Optimize the Performance of Your Storage System with Enterprise Storage Servers from Thinkmate

Engineered to handle the heaviest of workloads, Thinkmate’s STX EN line of enterprise storage systems provide you with the superior performance, enhanced reliability, and powerful capabilities mission-critical environments require. Our high-density storage solutions are the ideal platform for online transaction processing, data analytics, multi-tenant server applications, and other demanding workloads, letting you add multiple tiers of high-performance storage to your storage system via a compact rack mount server. Available in 2U, 3U, or 4U rack mount systems integrating Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v2 family processors, DDR3 ECC memory, and redundant power supplies, STX EN storage servers feature:

  • Excellent storage capacity. Pack up to 36 3.5-inch SAS hot-swappable hard drives or 72 2.5-inch SAS hot-swap hard drives or solid state drives in a 4U—for a total capacity of up to 288 TB.
  • Unparalleled drive selection. Leverage SAS 2 (6 Gb/s) or SAS 3 (12 Gb/s) drives, SSDs at capacities of up to 1.6 TB, and HDDs at capacities of up to 8 TB or at speeds of up 15,000 RPM.
  • Cutting-edge storage technologies. Maximize the performance of your storage system with the latest PCIe flash storage devices including Fusion-io SSD cards and NVM Express add-on cards.

Expand the Capacity of Your Existing Storage System with Cost-Effective Thinkmate JBOD Expansion Units

For organizations looking for an economical way to handle escalating storage demands, we build and ship an array of cost-effective JBOD storage expansion units including SuperStorage JBODs from Supermicro. Our high-density JBOD expansion units make increasing the capacity of an existing network storage system simple and easy.

Thinkmate JBODs feature redundant power supplies and support for SAS 2, SATA 3, and SAS 3 connectivity options, letting you select the most suitable storage interface for your particular workflows. Add up to 720 TB of capacity to your storage system using a 4U rack mount unit equipped with your choice of enterprise-class SAS/SATA hard drives, datacenter-class SATA solid state drives, and SAS 12 Gb/s SSDs from Toshiba.

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