Storage Solutions

Today’s advanced storage solutions enable IT to deliver greater scalability, reliability, and performance to the enterprise, giving organizations the capabilities they need to handle massive volumes of data and to cope with changes in demand. Engineered by our experts using the highest quality components in the industry, Thinkmate storage solutions can provide your organization with the robust hardware and cutting-edge processing, networking, and storage technologies you need to build or expand an efficient, workload-optimized storage infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking to scale out storage for a competitive cloud deployment or overcome performance bottlenecks in a business-critical, enterprise storage system, we can help you find and customize the right storage solution for your particular challenge.

Affordable Scalability: Capacity-Optimized Storage Solutions for the Cloud from Thinkmate

Ranging from low-cost, high-capacity servers for the cloud to high-performance storage solutions for the enterprise, Thinkmate’s custom data storage systems are designed for a wide range of applications. And all ship with our award-winning three-year warranty with advance parts replacement.

For moderate workloads including cloud storage and other large-scale replicated data environments, we developed our STX-NS\ line of affordable, scalable storage solutions equipped with dual Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v2 series processors and up to 512 GB of DDR3 ECC memory. Featuring 7200 RPM drives and onboard quad-port Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, these capacity-optimized cloud server storage solutions enable organizations to handle increasing amounts of unstructured data cost-effectively—without sacrificing performance. With a 4U system, you can leverage up to 72 3.5-inch hot-swappable SATA hard drives for a total of 432 TB of storage capacity.

Reliable Performance: Robust, Fast Storage Solutions for Nearline and Enterprise Workloads

For business-critical nearline workloads, we created our STX-NL line of robust storage solutions. Suitable for high-availability deployments like enterprise RAID arrays and data warehouses, these durable, high-capacity storage servers provide organizations with the best balance of reliability, capacity, and performance. STX-NL nearline storage servers support:

  • A range of processing platforms including Haswell-based Intel Xeon E5-1600/2600 v3 family CPUs and up to 1.5 TB of 2133 Mhz DDR4 ECC memory
  • 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hot-swap SATA or SAS storage drives, enterprise-class HDDs in capacities of up to 8TB, and solid state drives in capacities of up to 1.6 TB
  • Optional onboard high-performance networking and storage features such as dual- or quad-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet and SAS 3.0 12 Gb/s expanders

And for complex, mission-critical applications, we designed the STX-EN line of high-density, high-performance storage solutions. Ideal platforms for online transaction processing, big data analytics, and other demanding enterprise workflows, these systems support a variety of drive options including enterprise-grade 15k SAS hard drives and 12 Gb/s SAS solid state drives, letting you optimize capacity and performance for your specific applications.

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