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The growth of cloud and virtual computing, Big Data, and mobile applications has resulted in corresponding advances in data storage technology. Storage solutions are segmented based on the problems they try to solve. This applies to hardware storage server solutions. Storage servers can be configured with considerable flexibility using a large array of components with varying specifications and capabilities to meet storage challenges.

Comprehensive Storage Server Solutions Available From Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers a comprehensive range of rack mounted storage servers from in-house server solutions to Supermicro storage server solutions.

Thinkmate’s STX servers are specifically designed to meet performance and capacity requirements for cloud storage, nearline storage, and enterprise-level high workload storage. For cloud storage, Thinkmate STX-NS servers provide low-cost mass storage for unstructured data offering a balance between performance and capacity. Each STX-NS storage server is an ideal fit for cloud data centers, content delivery networks, and replicated data applications. For nearline storage, Thinkmate STX-NL servers incorporate high capacity and high reliability drives for predictable and highly available performance. STX-NL storage servers can accommodate SAS or SATA hard drives of up to 8TB with superb IOPS/TB throughput. For high workload performance storage, Thinkmate STX-EN enterprise storage servers are optimized for mission-critical applications such as analytics, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), and high performance computing. An STX-EN storage server can be configured with hard drives that spin up to 15,000 RPM.

Supermicro storage server solutions available from Thinkmate include Supermicro SuperStorage servers. SuperStorage servers provide high density storage capabilities with the latest CPUs and are designed for enterprise, data center, and cloud computing environments. SuperStorage servers incorporate Double-Sided Storage® architecture where drives are stacked at the front and rear of a rack mounted chassis for maximum density.

In addition to Thinkmate STX and Supermicro SuperStorage servers, Thinkmate offers JBOD storage expansion units. These are rack mounted enclosures that do not have CPUs and contain hard or solid-state drives that are configured for high capacity storage expansion. Thinkmate’s 4U JBOD chassis can accommodate up to ninety 3.5” 6Gb/s and12Gb/s SAS hot-swappable drives. JBOD storage units are excellent for consolidating archives and backups from central server storage or increasing the storage capacity of an existing system.

Advantages of Deploying a Thinkmate Storage Server

Thinkmate and Supermicro storage servers are manufactured with the latest and highest quality components. Each storage server comes with redundant high efficiency power supplies and cooling fans. To ensure the fastest data transfers, each server can be configured with the fastest interconnects such as 56-Gigabit FDR InfiniBand and Fibre Channel adapters. When you purchase and deploy a storage server from Thinkmate, you are getting the best product in the market. Moreover, each storage server from Thinkmate is backed with a 3-year warranty with advance parts support and 24-hour customer service. As the number one white box server supplier, Thinkmate provides unrivaled customer service for it’s leading edge products.

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