Storage Rack Server

Increase capacity with a storage rack server

As your data storage needs increase, a custom storage rack server can provide the flexibility, performance, and affordability your data center needs to keep pace. A custom rackmount storage device allows you to provision the exact infrastructure and capacity you need today, while laying the groundwork for your needs tomorrow as well.

When you're looking for storage rack servers that deliver exceptional reliability, uncompromised quality, and highly competitive pricing, you'll find a broad range of storage and server rackmount options at Thinkmate.

Benefits of storage rack server technology

A storage rack server provides data storage capacity in a device that can be easily mounted in a standard server rack. Advantages of this format include:

  • Improved performance. A server rack allows you to mount storage devices with optimal space above, below, and around each server to improve airflow, which makes cooling easier and less costly. With optimal cooling, servers can deliver maximum performance.
  • Simplified maintenance. A storage server rack makes it easy to keep power cords and cables organized, simplifying maintenance needs and reducing the amount of time it takes to track down problems when they occur.
  • Increased security. An enclosed storage rack enables you to lock the device to prevent accidental or unauthorized access that can cause issues that result in outages or poor performance.
  • Smaller footprint. A storage rack server infrastructure can save a significant amount of space, enabling you to pack more storage capacity into a smaller area.

A custom server rack builds on these advantages by allowing you to equip your data center with devices that deliver the performance, redundancy, capacity, and price you require.

Storage rack server solutions from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been providing customers with custom-configured workstations, servers, and storage solutions for more than 25 years. The superior quality of our machines and our highly competitive pricing have made us a #1 white box server solutions provider to businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies everywhere.

Our broad range of storage rack server technology includes:

  • Network-attached storage devices. Thinkmate STX-NS servers provide low-cost network-attached storage designed to accommodate vast amounts of unstructured data. Perfectly balancing high-capacity and performance, these Thinkmate storage rack servers are available in form factors from 1U to 4U and everything from a 24 bay storage server to a 72 bay server. The STX-NS series is ideal for scale-out storage, content delivery networks (CDNs), replicated data environments, and 24x7 cloud data centers.
  • Nearline storage servers. Thinkmate STX-NL servers offer reliable, robust nearline bulk storage for an always-connected world. Providing predictable and reliable performance for a multi-drive server system, these Thinkmate storage rack servers are available with a choice of SATA or SAS interfaces, HDD capacities up to 8 TB, 12-72 drive bays, and form factors of 2U-4U.
  • JBOD storage. Thinkmate servers for RAID or JBOD expansion are the most economical way to expand your current storage capacity. Thinkmate STX-JB servers provide dependable, high-capacity storage expansion options for consolidating archives and backups from a central storage server or increasing storage capacity on an existing system. These storage rack servers offer form factors of 2U-4U and 4-8 drive bays.

In addition to Thinkmate storage rack servers, we offer a wide range of rackmount servers, with everything from an Intel 1U Atom server from Supermicro to NVIDIA Tesla GPU servers and high-density servers for HPC and cloud computing.

Configuring your storage rack server

Configuring the ideal storage rack server at Thinkmate is easy. Our world-class configurator offers more customizable options than any other system builder on the web, enabling you to configure your system with minute precision. Begin by choosing a base model from our wide array of NAS, nearline or JBOD expansion servers, then add or subtract components as needed to arrive at your ideal configuration. The price of every component is clearly marked so you know exactly what you're paying for what you're getting. You'll have a wide choice of motherboards, processors, memory, hard drives, controller cards, network cards, and more.

When you're satisfied with your configuration, you can submit it for review by our knowledgeable computer technicians who can make sure everything looks right, or you can go ahead and click Add To Order to purchase your system.

Why choose a storage rack server from Thinkmate?

When you buy storage rack servers from Thinkmate, you know you're getting the best equipment at the most competitive prices. Our strong relationships with direct suppliers enable us to offer pricing that is on par with or better than our competitors, and the reliability of our equipment is backed by an award-winning 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement at no cost.

When you work with Thinkmate, our team can serve as consultants and advisors, providing deep technical knowledge across a broad range of products and technologies and helping you to provision the best equipment for your data center environment. Our strong commitment to customer service means you'll always be able to talk to people, not robots, who can help you by answering questions, resolving issues, and assisting in configuring the ideal systems. Every Thinkmate machine is made in the USA in our facilities outside of Boston, and every machine is custom-built to meet the needs of our customers.

FAQs: What is a storage rack server?

What is a storage rack server?

A storage server is a data storage device that is designed to be mounted in a standard server rack.

What is a custom storage rack server?

A custom storage rack server is a rack-mounted data storage device that is custom-built to meet a customer's exact needs and specifications, rather than being built with a set of features and functionality that are determined by the manufacturer.

What are the advantages of a custom storage rack server?

A rackmount storage server enables improved performance, as the structure of a server rack provides optimal cooling in and around each device. Rackmount devices make it easier to manage cords and cables, and to keep servers securely locked away from unauthorized users. A custom rackmount storage device enables data center architects to provision additional storage capacity by adding machines with the exact features, functionality, and performance required for evolving data center needs.

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