Silent PC Cooling

Eliminating computer noise with silent PC cooling technology

A quiet PC is the default workstation in noise-sensitive workspaces like audio studios, sound engineering labs, and live performance venues. In these settings, where the hum from cooling fans and power sources is unworkable, workstations must be built with silent PC cooling technology and silent power sources that provide virtually noiseless operation.

Thinkmate offers a family of virtually silent workstations that take silent PC performance and flexibility to a new level. Completely customizable, our VSX workstations feature a fourth-generation design with specially designed silent PC cooling components, a low-noise chassis and intelligent fan design that raise the bar for ultra-quiet PC technology.

How to deploy silent PC cooling solutions

There are several strategies for implementing silent PC cooling.

  • Reducing heat. Because cooling is a major source of noise within a workstation, reducing the amount of heat generated by components can help to significantly reduce the noise generated by a PC device. Reducing the amount of required electricity and using components that generate little heat can help to minimize cooling requirements.
  • Using low-noise cooling components. Specially designed fans that use optimized blade geometry, specially designed bearings, and variable fan speed settings can help to generate far less noise when fans are operating, and heat sinks can help to dissipate heat noiselessly.

In addition to silent PC cooling technologies, the best silent PC will also incorporate technologies that minimize the hum and vibration from moving parts in hard disk drives and eliminate or dampen the electrical whine from power supplies.

Computers with silent PC cooling from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is a leading provider of customized servers, storage and cluster solutions for organizations in business, education, and government sectors. Our VSX workstations are built with silent PC cooling components that provide whisper-quiet and virtually silent PCs for audio studios, video editing suites, sound engineering labs, live performance settings, and other noise-sensitive workspaces.

Perfectly balancing high performance with low-noise operation, VSX silent desktop PC workstations feature a fourth-generation silent design with specially designed components for silent PC cooling and power that set a new standard for noiseless operation. Available with a broad range of customizable choices and components, our computers with silent PC cooling can be configured with 1-2 GPUs, 1-2 processors, 6-8 drive bays, and up to 2 TB maximum RAM.

Elements of our silent PC cooling technology

Thinkmate offers a dozen base workstations with silent PC cooling that can be easily customized and configured online to meet your exact requirements for a whisper-quiet or completely silent PC. Our VSX line of workstations are built with:

  • A dual-chamber chassis that is highly engineered to minimize heat and noise by increasing airflow, isolating the power supply from other system components, and containing sound within the chassis through three-layer wall construction and soundproofing insulation.
  • Silent PC cooling components that include specially designed heatsinks and an ultra-quiet 120 mm double ball bearing fan regulated by an intelligent fan speed system to minimize heat.
  • Ultra-quiet power supplies that reduce electricity usage to minimize heat generation and that use low-profile, flat modular cables that can be easily routed to increase airflow.

Thinkmate workstations with silent PC cooling also feature:

  • A 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, with the option to upgrade to a 5-year warranty with advanced replacement or next business day on-site service.
  • A dedicated customer service team committed to providing the best possible service for our customers.
  • Expert solution architects who can easily help to configure the exact system and silent PC cooling components required for your quiet workstation.

What makes Thinkmate better?

Sourcing your silent PC from Thinkmate provides significant advantages that include:

  • More competitive pricing, thanks to our direct relationships with suppliers.
  • Superior quality ensured through an extensive quality control and testing process.
  • Remarkable customer service, the result of a company-wide commitment to do everything in our power to help our customers.
  • A reputation for reliability that's built on rigorous stress testing protocols and detailed liability records.
  • Computers built in the USA in our own state-of-the-art facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is silent PC cooling?

What is a silent PC?

A silent PC is a computer built to make little to no noise as it operates.

What is silent PC cooling?

Silent PC cooling refers to the methods and technologies for noiselessly cooling a PC. Standard PCs are typically cooled by fans, which are the noisiest parts of the computer. Consequently, silent PCs are often built with parts that emit much less heat, minimizing or eliminating the need for fans. Silent PC cooling may also involve using a heat sink instead of fans, employing a design for the case that allows better airflow, and/or using water cooling methods for dissipating heat.

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