Silent Desktop PC

Ensure a noise-free workspace with a silent desktop PC

When you want a silent desktop PC that doesn't sacrifice cutting-edge performance, Thinkmate VSX workstations are the answer. Built with an expertly engineered dual-chamber chassis and ultra-quiet power supplies, a silent desktop computer from Thinkmate can be configured to your exact performance specifications and can come with a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. With Thinkmate, you get a truly silent desktop PC that sets a new standard for noiseless operation.

The need for a silent desktop PC

Demand for a silent desktop PC has grown as the volume of noise generated by the average workstation continues to increase. Early computers, which used little power and generated very little heat, didn't have the kind of cooling requirements that today's high-performance computing equipment demands.

Building a silent PC involves several strategies to minimize or eliminate noise.

  • Minimizing heat generated by the workstation. Since the greatest amount of noise is generated by fans needed to cool CPUs, video cards, and computer cases, reducing the amount of heat generated by components can help to significantly lower the noise emanating from a workstation.
  • Reducing the noise from fans. An ultra-quiet PC will often use specially designed fans with optimal blade geometry to reduce fan noise along with heatsinks that can noiselessly dissipate heat.
  • Eliminating hum and vibration. Hard disk drives that use moving parts are the source of significant vibration and hum in a PC. The best quiet PC workstations replace these with noiseless solid-state drives that can help eliminate this noise source.
  • Reducing electrical whine. The electrical coils and transformers in power supplies and computer components emit a certain amount of electrical whine, which can be dampened through sound-proofing techniques or minimized with low-noise components.

A silent desktop PC from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of custom servers, storage, and computer solutions since 1986. Our VSX line of silent desktop PCs provides virtually silent operation for noise-sensitive workspaces like audio recording studios, video editing suites, live performance venues, sound engineering labs, and many other settings.

A silent desktop PC from Thinkmate offers a careful balance of cutting-edge performance and low-noise components to deliver a powerful workstation for noiseless operation. Specially designed heatsinks and fans and a low-noise chassis all contribute to virtually silent performance, while a 3-year warranty and highly dedicated customer service ensure that your silent desktop PC will continue serving your needs for the life of the product.

Benefits of Thinkmate's silent desktop PC

With a silent desktop PC from Thinkmate, you can count on:

  • Full customizability. Our online configurator – one of the best in the industry – enables you to fully customize your silent desktop PC by selecting from a wide range of components. You can see the cost of each selection reflected in the updated configuration cost as you go, so there'll be no surprises on the cost of your final configuration. And if you can't find everything you need online, our expert solution architects can help you configure the most silent PC for your needs.
  • A sound-proofed chassis. Each Thinkmate silent desktop PC features a dual-chamber chassis that's expertly engineered to absorb sound for virtually silent or completely silent PC performance. Three-layer construction and soundproofing insulation on the walls maximize sound absorption, while the chassis design reduces heat and noise by increasing airflow and isolating the power supply from the rest of the system components.
  • Ultra-quiet power supplies. Low-profile, flat, modular cables allow easy routing to improve airflow, and a high-efficiency design minimizes the use of electricity to reduce the generation of heat.
  • Silent cooling technology. An ultra-quiet 120 mm double ball bearing fan is controlled by an intelligent fan speed system to minimize heat, while specially designed heatsinks help to keep the system cool.

Why choose Thinkmate for your silent desktop PC?

Our commitment to the following four ideals has helped to make us a premier provider of custom computer and server equipment for more than 25 years.

  • Quality. All of our components are subjected to an extensive quality control process and testing to ensure the highest levels of functionality, efficiency, and reliability. Products are stress-tested in the harshest environments to ensure they meet our high expectations for quality.
  • Integrity. We adhere to a strict ethical code in the production of our equipment and in our relationships with customers, and our employees are committed to doing everything they can to help our customers find exactly what they're looking for.
  • Innovation. We are dedicated to staying on the leading edge of technology in order to provide our customers with the best products and services in the IT industry.
  • Enthusiasm. Our teams are extremely enthusiastic about finding, building, and customizing the most outstanding technology available. Our technicians are passionate about testing every machine to ensure performance and durability.

FAQs: What is a silent desktop PC?

What is a silent desktop PC?

A silent desktop PC is a computer that is built with components that allow it to produce little to no noise.

Where is a silent desktop PC used?

A silent desktop PC may be used in any setting where noise would be a disturbance, including audio recording studios, video editing suites, live performance spaces, laboratories and engineering studios and home theater spaces. A silent desktop PC may also be preferred by noise-sensitive individuals.

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