Silent Desktop Computer

Choosing a silent desktop computer

A silent desktop computer is essential in a variety of noise-sensitive workspaces from audio studios and engineering labs to live performance venues and video editing suites. The right silent desktop PC will balance noiseless operation with exact performance requirements for specific applications – and that's exactly what you'll find in the VSX line of ultra-quiet PC workstations from Thinkmate.

The need for a silent desktop computer

The need for a silent desktop computer has increased in recent years as computing devices have become increasingly noisy. Early devices required little power and consequently didn't need much cooling, so they produced little noise. But as computer components became both smaller and more powerful, they generated more heat and needed cooling mechanisms that added significant levels of noise to the devices.

Today, noise in computers can be generated by a number of sources. Fans are the biggest culprit – the whirring of fan blades as they displace air is perhaps the most recognizable noise generated by computers, and each computer may have several fans to cool the CPU, video cards as well as the computer case itself. Air turbulence from air passing over the components and cables within the computer housing adds to the overall noise level. Hard disk drives, with the vibration and friction from their moving disks, contribute another layer of sound. And the electrical whine from power supplies can also produce an audible.

To build the most silent PC, manufacturers can employ a number of technologies that reduce heat (to minimize fan noise by minimizing the need for cooling) and that eliminate the vibration, hum, and whine associated with a standard computer.

A silent desktop computer from Thinkmate

No one builds silent desktop computers like Thinkmate. For more than 25 years, we've offered customers workstations, servers and storage solutions that can be quickly and easily custom configured to their exact specifications, and our silent desktop computers are no exception. Our online configurator offers more customizable options than any other system builder on the web – you can easily configure a device by swapping out parts to view the impact on cost and noise level. And anytime you're having trouble configuring the exact silent desktop computer you need, our expert solution architects are available online or by phone to lend a hand.

Your Thinkmate silent desktop computer can be paired with a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. You also have options for upgrading to a 5-year warranty with advanced replacement or next business day on-site service to deliver even better business continuity. With a hard-earned reputation for reliability, unmatched customer service and a commitment to superior quality, we can deliver the silent desktop computer you need for any application.

Features of Thinkmate's silent desktop computer

Now in the fourth generation of silent design, our VSX line of silent PCs provide the perfect balance of high performance and noiseless operation, thanks to components and a chassis that feature some of the best quiet PC technology on the market. VSX workstations include:

  • A fourth-generation design featuring a dual-chamber chassis that reduces heat and noise by maximizing airflow efficiency and separating the power supply from other system components. The walls of the chassis are constructed in three layers to increase sound absorption, and they feature sound-proofing insulation on the sidewalls that makes for an ultra-silent desktop computer.
  • Ultra-quiet components and silent power PC supplies that feature specially designed heatsinks, low-noise fan designs with an intelligent fan speed system, and low-profile modular cables that are easy to route for increased airflow.
  • Solid-state drives that do not vibrate and require no extra cooling, or hard disk drives that are capped at 7200 RPM to minimize vibration.
  • Configuration options that include 1-2 GPUs, 6-8 drive bays, 1-2 processors, and up to 2 TB maximum RAM.

Why choose Thinkmate for a silent desktop computer?

A silent desktop computer from Thinkmate comes with lots of benefits, including:

  • Outstanding quality, the result of an extensive quality control process that includes stress-testing in the harshest environments to ensure that each silent desktop computer performs to the highest of expectations.
  • Proven reliability, thanks to detailed reliability records and our stress-testing protocols.
  • Remarkable value, the product of our direct relationship with suppliers that enables us to offer silent desktop computers with prices on par with or better than our competitors.
  • Excellent customer service, where every employee in the company is dedicated to doing everything in their power to help our customers resolve issues and find what they need.
  • Equipment that is made in the USA, in our state-of-the-art facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is a silent desktop computer?

What is a silent desktop computer?

A silent desktop computer is a computing workstation that produces little to no noise while it operates. The best silent PC hardware is built with parts that produce far less heat, minimizing or eliminating the need for noisy fans. A silent desktop computer is also usually built with solid-state drives which produce no noise, rather than hard disk drives with spinning platters that are fairly noisy.

Where is a silent desktop computer used?

Silent desktop computers may be used by any individual who needs or prefers a quieter environment. Silent PCs are also often found in life performance venues, home theater settings, audio recording studios, video editing suites, and laboratories and engineering studios where quiet is important.

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